TAFF Ballot 1956

TAFF 1956



Forrest J. Ackerman

915 So. Sherbourne Drive, Los Angeles 35, California

The man whom I am nominating for USA's guest to the London Conference of 1956 is a man extremely well known in all parts of the fan world. In reality, he is probably just as prominent in England, and other parts of Europe, as he is in the USA. He has been a loyal, conscientious and philanthropic S-F fan for 25 years and has done more for British fandom than any other individual. He co-operates in many foreign S-F ventures and personally advises S-F editors in England, Germany, Sweden and other countries. He is a man to whom Science Fiction, and Science Fiction Fandom, owe a great deal -- for he has done so much for the field during his many years of activity. After all, the whole idea of "Big Pond Funds" was originally his. The man I am nominating is Mr. Science Fiction himself ... Forrest J. Ackerman.

Nominated by Robert A. Madle.

G.M. Carr

5319 Ballard Ave., Seattle 7, Washington

For the TAFF I wish to nominate G.M. Carr, a fan well known on both sides of the Atlantic, and even better known on this side of the Pacific. G.M. is one of the most dynamic fans on the West Coast, and is the publisher of GEMZINE and GEMTONES. An active fan for six years, she is a charter member of the Seattle fan club THE NAMELESS ONES, and was first corresponding Secretary and Editor of the club publications, THE CRY OF THE NAMELESS and SINISTERRA. I believe that she would be an excellent representative of American fandom in London.

Nominated by Elinor Busby.

15TH FEB. 1956

Kent Corey

Box 64, Enid, Oklahoma

Why do I think I deserve to go to the Britishcon next Easter? My main reason is that I have tried to help promote fandom even since I came into it in 1952. I founded the Oklahoma SF Club and launched my fanzine as official organ in 1953. By May 1953 I had decided to start a Southern Convention; so, in September 1953 the first Oklahoma convention in 20 years was held. Since then I have helped promote the OSFC into the most active club in the US and the Oklacon into a large regional convention.

Nominated by Kent Corey.

Lee Hoffman

101 Wagner St, Savannah, Ga.

Fabulous fannish character from 6th Fandom ... the Southern Swamp Critter who turned from a 15 year old boy into a beautiful young woman at the Nolacon; much to the astonishment of Bob Tucker and sundry other fen. Well known as the editor of QUANDRY, Leeh is a member of FAPA and is widely known in all of English-speaking fandom. Her participation was largely instrumental in bringing Walt Willis to the 10th Annual Science Fiction Convention in Chicago in 1952. The UK drooled over Bea Mahaffey ... let's give 'em another thrill with LeeH!

Nominated by G.M. Carr, Bob Tucker and Larry Shaw.


side 2:

David A. Kyle

300 West 67th St., New York 23, New York

The A. stands for Ackerman! And he's been around fandom about as long as Forry. He was active at the time of the First World S.F. Con in '39, and has been presenbt at practically every major event since. A hail fellow well met, you would have to look hard to find a more satisfactory choice. He knows his sf, both fan and pro, and is a mature individual with a delightful sense of humour. Would be a credit to Amerifandom and a delight, I am sure, to his English counterparts.

Nominated by Forrest J. Ackerman

Hal Shapiro

965 Burton, Apt. 5, Cincinnati 29, Ohio

Active fan circa 1948 to present. Owner and operator of OUTHOUSE PUBLICATIONS. Edited and published ICE, HALLUCINATIONS, HALBERD, AJ1736. Extremely active in Am-pubbing circles, including FAPA and SAPS. One of the founders of the present MICHIGAN SCIENCE FANTASY SOCIETY. Acting trustee of the CINCINNATI FANTASY GROUP. Founder and Chairman of the Board of the BACHELOR'S STF ASSOCIATION OF THE WORLD (BSAW). Originator of the First World Invitational Convention (Invention), Minneapolis 1952. Partner in one of the most famous fan marriages of the century, being espoused of the beauteous Nancy Moore (now Shapiro).

Nominated by Dale Tarr.

Lou Tabakow

3953 St. John, Cincinnati 36, Ohio

President of the CINCINNATI FANTASY GROUP, an active and long established club in the Midwest. Lou has had several stories published, the most famous of which probably is SVEN; as yet unpublished. Worked hard on the CINVENTION in 1949 and is one of the founders of the by now famous MIDWESTCONS. Lou is a reader of science fiction for over 20 years and is a well known attendee at all Conventions; where he is particularly noted for his abilities as a speaker.

Nominated by Mark Schulzinger.

Wally Weber

Box 267, 920 Third Ave., Seattle 4, Washington

Member of SAPS. Corresponding Secretary of the NAMELESS ONES of Washington State for many years; is well known for his subtle humour and numerous fanzines (of which CREEP is the current). Wally has attended Conventions at Portland, Cleveland and San Francisco (taking candid camera shots like mad ...) and has been an actifan in a languid sort of way for the poast 5 years. He has a likeable personality, an amusing writing style, and would be a credit to the United States as an example of US fandom. (Besides, he could write a very interesting report of his travels if he tried.)

Nominated by G.M. Carr.

((The following were also nominated, but withdrew: Robert Bloch, Bob Tucker, Marion Mallinger, E.E. Smith, Eva Firestone, Robert A. Madle & Sam Moskowitz.))


Contributions in US money to:
Don Ford,
129 Maple Ave.,
Ohio, USA

Contributions in sterling to:
Walt Willis,
170 Upper N'Ards Rd.,
N. Ireland

Separate voting form as included in Hyphenewsupplement, November 1955:

TAFF 1956



Votes must be mailed to reach Don Ford, 129 Maple Ave., Sharonville, Ohio, before 15th February 1956. Please write below your first, 2nd & 3rd choice of a candidate to be sent to the British Convention, Easter 1956 (April 1).

First Choice

Second Choice

Third Choice

(Note: Your first choice will be awarded 3 points, your second 2, and your third 1. It is of course open to you to 'plump' for one candidate by not using your second and third votes.)

'Write-in' votes are allowed.

Details of voting will be kept confidential.

[*] To be eligible to vote you must contribute a minimum of 50¢ or 2/6 to the Fund and have been active in fandom prior to November 1955. If you're not a known fan please give here the name of one to whom reference may be made.

I enclose/have sent to you/Walt Willis the sum of ____ as a contribution to the Fund. (Note: money paid for raffle tickets or special fanzines does not count.)



If the winner of the election proves unable to travel the opportunity will be offered to the runner-up, and then to No. 3 provided he got more than 25% of the total points. If he cannot go or the amount in the Fund is not enough to send anyone, the money will be carried over to 1957 and there will be an entirely fresh election.

Note by Walt Willis: There has been some discussion behind the scenes as to what should constitute a 'fan' for TAFF purposes. I feel that, especially in view of TAFF's international. character, a candidate should have had some connection with fanzines, to the extent of contributing or commenting. Others however feel that it should be enough to be an sf personality with popularity in fandom and interest in fans, demonstrated by attendance at Conventions. Your views would be appreciated if you'd care to express them while sending in your ballot form.

[*] In another version of the voting form -- a separate sheet rather than a column in Hyphenewsupplement -- this paragraph reads as follows:

"To be eligible to vote you must contribute a minimum of 50¢ or 2/6 to the TRANSATLANTIC FAN FUND (TAFF) and have been active in fandom prior to November 1955. Contributions in excess of the 50¢ minimum will be gratefully accepted; but only 1 ballot per person is allowed. If you are not a known fan please give here the name of one to whom reference may be made."

This variant voting form omits the "Note by Walt Willis" and fills up space at the bottom of the sheet with another listing of the candidates in large caps, as at the end of page 1 above.