TAFF Ballot 1955

The Transfanfund

1955 Election


Eric Bentcliffe

I propose Eric Bentcliffe, a well known fan for many years. He has proved his worth as fan editor of Space Times, ConScience, Triode, etc. His articles have appeared in most fmz and he is well known as an actifan on both sides of the Atlantic. Eric has attended practically every Con on this side of the pool, and has proved his ability to get up there and face an audience. As an actifan, Eric sparked the Checklist, the Convacation and had put plenty of work into both the Mancon and the Supermancon. His name is familiar to U.S. fandom, and he already carries on an extensive correspondence with many of them. Finally, having no dependants, he can well spare the time and money required by any fan prepared to make the trip. (Terry Jeeves)

Ken Bulmer

You haven't lived until you've tried to compress a TAFF nomination of H.Ken Bulmer into this space. Ken isn't one of the egoboo snatchers or a fan interested in fandom for what's to be made from it: he's a typical British actifan, active since 1941 when he published STAR PARADE, JUGGERNAUT, etc. FAPA member in the mid '40s, Ken was still active in the early '50s, with SCIENCE FANTASY NEWS, the fabulous NIRVANA, researches into STEAM (Regd. Trade Mark) in QUANDRY, material in SLANT, etc. Now, he's President of British fandom's first apa, and -- most fabulous of all -- transformer of a beautiful young non-fanne wife into a beautiful young contributor to HYPHEN. I nominate Ken, not only because he's my closest friend but because I sincerely believe that no other British fan today, and certainly no other candidate, is a more worthy representative. (A.Vincent Clarke)

Terry Jeeves

Terry, I feel, would be an admirable choice as a representative British fan. He is pure minded (well relatively), clean, wholesome, handy with a zap-gun, and is capable of whipping up a space-warp drive if an emergency should require it. Terry is fairly well known on both sides of the Atlantic, having illustrated for many fanzines (and NEBULA S-F), and written for even more. His name should be known to members of British fandom, USA fandom, and Seventh Fandom. Apart from his job as art editor of TRIODE, he is very active in Fandom, having done much to further the conditions for UK fan-artists through the Fantasy Art Society; he is now displaying their wares through the medium of Triode's Art Folio. I have known Terry for some three years. In this period I have got to know him pretty well....and I can say in all honesty that I do not know a nicer guy in Fandom, or one more deserving the honour of being chosen to represent British fandom at the next big USA Convention. (Eric Bentcliffe)

Stuart Mackenzie

Stu Mackenzie has, in the period from the 1953 Convention, poured more sweat, toil, enthusiasm and sheer hard work into fandom that any other fan. A reader of science fiction for many years he first became known at the Loncon and immediately threw himself into fanac with an almost frightening enthusiasm. As London had no fanzine of its own, he took over the production of Space Times and turned out a monthly fanzine which, while it may not have reached perfection, is a tribute to his sincerity and desire to do constructive work. Space Times folding, he turned and aroused the Londoners to activity with the birth of i. At the same time Stu has written extensively for American fanzines and is well-known over in the States. He is also on the Convention Committee for the Kettering do and has so many plans for fannish enterprises that it is difficult to see how he ever finds time to earn a living. Stu would be very popular in the States. I want him to represent me because I know that he is wholly sincere. I know him well and I like him a lot and I personally think that we couldn't choose a better man. (Ted Tubb)

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Ken Slater

Ken is known to virtually every British fan, and some hundreds of Americans too -- and I don't think he has an enemy in the lot. In person and in correspondence he is always friendly, and no neofan would be beneath his notice. He has a good voice in public, a cultured manner and is sociable. His HANDBOOK is fandom's standard work of reference; and he frequently contributes to other fanzines. He's got drive, organising ability, energy and a powerful interest in every aspect of fandom. And he's been able to go to so few conventions. (Pete Campbell)

Ted Tubb

The great hall is tense and expectant. Even though only a few fen are gathered here in the formal session, most are out in the bar drinking, the air is electric. The visiting fan from England is about to speak. What will he be like? What can anyone from that little island say to us that has not already been said so much better by Ted Carnell, Walter Willis and Bert Campbell? The tall, bespectacled, smiling form climbs to his feet and faces the audience. The English fan, representing all those Limeys over there, begins to speak. There is laughter, mirth, wise nodding of heads, as the mellifluous tones flow on, bringing an understanding between fandom on both sides of that pond called the Atlantic. This representative is known for his quips, humour, his vitality. He speaks and the hall fills as others are drawn by the magnetism of that golden voice. He conducts the auction. Words are spoken that remain undying to the end of time. He fraternises with the American fans, he carries the authentic air of old England. Who is this singular fan? Who amongst us could do this? You know, you have recognised him? Well then, vote for him and send him across, a worthy representative! (Ken Bulmer)

(Note. Nominators were asked to restrict themselves to 100 words but only one has done so. This is so much a matter for individual style that I haven't attempted to do any cutting, and I don't think it really gives anyone an unfair advantage. However I'm drawing it to the voters' attention so they can make allowances for it.)

Electioneering space available in Hyphen at 10/- per full page. Proceeds to Fund.


This form must be mailed to reach Walter Willis, 170 Upper Newtownards Rd., Belfast, N. Ireland before the 15th May, 1955

Please write below your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices of a candidate to be sent to the US Convention at Cleveland, Ohio, in September, 1955.

First Choice

Second Choice

Third Choice

(Note. The method of counting will be as usual in this type of election -- i.e. your first choice will get 3 points, your second 2, and your third 1. This type of proportional representation is equivalent to a series of eliminating ballots and is designed to ensure that if your first choice doesn't win your vote won't have been wasted. However, it is of course open to you to 'plump' for a candidate by not using your second and third votes.)

To be eligible to vote you must contribute or have contributed at least 2/6 or 50¢ to the Fund and have been active in fandom prior to November 1954. If you're not known to me would you please give here the name and address of a fan to whom reference may be made.

I enclose/have sent to you/Don Ford the sum of ____ as a contribution to the Fund. (Note: Money paid for ballot tickets does not count.)



In the unlikely event of the winner being unable to travel would you please say here how far down the poll you think I should go to offer the money before carrying it over to next year. Ie, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th place? Put a circle round where you think I shold stop.

No proxy votes are allowed and each fan must sign his own ballot paper. The details of the voting will be kept secret but the names of all voters will be published and the ballot papers sent to either Forry Ackerman or Bob Tucker for checking before being destroyed.

Another copy of this voting form will be published in Hyphen nearer to the close of poll date.