TAFF Ballot 1954



To be eligible to vote you must (a) have been active in fandom prior to 1st November, 1955, to the extent of having joined a fan club or subscribed or contributed to a fanzine, and (b) make a minimum contribution to the Fund of 2/6 or 50¢.

Money paid for raffle tickets does not count.

No proxy votes are allowed. Each fan must sign his own ballot paper. The details of the voting will be kept secret but the names of all voters will be published and the ballot papers sent for checking to either Forry Ackerman or Bob Tucker before being destroyed.

Any reasonable number of copies of this page and the one opposite will be sent on request, but other faneds are invited to copy them. I hope there'll be electioneering on behalf of the various candidates, which will increase interest in the Fund, and space will be available in future HYPHENs at 10/- per full page (smaller areas pro rata). All receipts will go to the Fund.

The state of the British side of the Fund at 8th November, 1953, is as follows:

Coroncon auctions
Coroncon raffle
W. Willis
A. Clark
Eric Bentcliffe
Ethel Lindsay
Peter Hamilton
Archie Mercer
Norman Wansborough
Max Leviten (Dell's, Bradford)
Mrs Carol Smith
Ken Slater
OF 'Prelude to Space'


Further statements will be published in future issues of HYPHEN.


This form must be mailed to reach me,
Walter Willis,
170 Upper Newtownards Rd.,
Belfast, N. Ireland
before the 31st March, 1954.

Please number the following candidates 1 to 7 in order of your preference:

Peter Campbell

Vince Clarke

Walter Gillings

Derek Pickles

Mike Rosenblum

Tony Thorne

James White

I enclose/have sent the sum of ____ as a contribution to the Fund.



If you are not on my mailing list please indicate what fan club you belong to or fanzine you have contributed or subscribed to, and the name of the person to whom reference may be made.


It's possible that neither the winner or the runner-up might be able to go after all and I'd like your views as to what should be done with the money in that event. Please number the following alternatives in order of preference. If you have no particular opinions please just leave this part blank.

A. Offer it to candidate No.3 ____
B. Go down the list as far as No.4 ____
C. Go down the list as far as No.5 ____
D. Go down the list as far as No.6 ____
E. Go down the list as far as No.7 ____
F. Carry the project over to the next US Convention and hold another vote ____
G. Invite an American fan to the next British Convention ____


Peter Campbell

Peter is one of our leading fanzine publishers -- of the over 100 pages of the first two issues of ANDROMEDA. He belongs to at least two fan clubs and is originator of one of them. He corresponds widely and is well known to many American fans. He attends British Conventions. He works hard for fandom -- all fans who have joined OPERATION FANTAST since he took charge of the Greetings Group and Contact Bureau know the results of his efforts. Finally, he is capable of representing us without disgracing us. He is quiet spoken, well mannered, personable, and can turn a slick phrase when necessary. (K.F.Slater)

Vince Clarke

Vin¢ is both the obvious choice and the best one we could make. A leading fan for over 12 years, he has in fact been our representative whenever we needed one most -- as when he organised our phenomenally successful campaign against ASTOUNDING's exorbitant subscription rate increase. Less well known are the generous help and encouragement he has quietly given to countless new fans. He is also admittedly England's best fan writer, well known in America too through QUANDRY, an authority on everything to do with sf and fandom, a witty and interesting conversationalist and, incidentally, a very likeable person. He is a representative we could be proud of, who could give a good account of himself in America and a good account of it to us afterwards. (G.Charters)

Walter Gillings
Mike Rosenblum

Few words are necessary in support of nominating both Walter Gillings and Mike Rosenblum as possibles for the 1953 [sic] San Francisco Convention. Both have top claim (in different ways), to being Founder Members of today's British fandom, for without either it would undoubtedly have taken quite a different turn, or perhaps never flourished. Both were ardent and active fans as long ago 1937 when the first British Convention was held. Both have recently returned to activity after a few years absence whilst their business lives were soundly or q ganised. To Walter goes the honour of striving long to put British Sf on a sound basis professionally and in producing what is still the most outstanding fanmag of all time -- FANTASY REVIEW. To Michael goes the honour of having held the nucleus of British fandom together during the war under almost impossible conditions, from which the post-war seeds sprouted rapidly and flourished. Both have prior claims, with knowledge and experience of events in this country over the past 20 years, to be the logical choice to represent this country at a World Convention. Either will make a worthy ambassador and raise our prestige even higher than it already is in America. (E.J.Carnell)

Derek Pickles

Pickles, as editor of late lamented PHANTASMAGORIA, showed himself as a fan without malice; willing to work for fandom without any desire to use his magazine to indulge in harsh criticism of other fans. His efforts were so typical of the average fan that he would probably make a very wide circle of friends in America among the normal fans. Friendships that would endure long after the conventional fireworks were forgotten. The future of fandom depends on the interest of thousands of fans like Derek, who can never aspire to challenge Gold or Carnell, so let these fans be represented by one who never once wrote an unkind word in the mistaken belief that it was clever. (A.V.Clarke)*

* A correction was issued for this version of the ballot: "The ballot form published by Space Diversions contained a misprint. Derek Pickles was not nominated by rival candidate A. Vincent Clarke, but by A. Clarke of Mablethorpe."(Hyphen 6)

Tony Thorne

Tony is a fan, an active one; he gets things done. He has personality. He can speak in public. He's well known on both sides of the Atlantic. He runs a fanzine and he knows how to write for it. Also he runs a fanclub. All of this adds up to an impressive total. To add a little weight, he's had his picture in ILLUSTRATED and is possibly therefore Britain's most widely-known fan. Tony, I think, has the best combination of talents and would be our best choice. The Medcon will demonstrate everything I've said about Tony to be no over-statement. Let Thorne go to Frisco! (F.Robinson)

James White

As Ken Slater cannot make it, James is the best candidate we have. He's a likeable, friendly person, without any of the traditional British hauteur. He's no stuffed shirt, Giant Intellect or Organisation Genius -- he's just an ordinary fan, representative of us all. He's been an active fan since 1948 and is widely known both here and in the States. The recent 'Beacon' Report showed not only how well he could get on with the Americans, but how well he could write it all up for us afterwards. Let's send James: we couldn't do better -- they'll all like him as much as we do. (C.Harris)

If you're not a known fan please give here the name of one to whom reference may be made.