Hyphenewsupplement, issued with Hyphen 15 November 1955 by Walt Willis, 170 Upper N'Ards Rd., Belfast, Ace Newshawk and Matrimonial Agent


Grateful acknowledgements to Canfan Des Emery for a gift of C$10.00. Other acknowledgements and a statement of the current financial position of TAFF will be printed in the next Hyphen.

Report on TAFF 1955, by Walt Willis

As you know, the first effort of the Transatlantic Fan Fund has been a complete success. It has enabled a British fan to attend an American Convention. As administrator of the Fund since it was established in 1953 I'd like to thank everyone who helped, from the first contributors to the American fans who looked after Ken & Pamela Bulmer. I hope Don Ford, who is in charge of the present election, meets with equal goodwill and that we'll have an American fan over here soon.

Ken & Pamela Bulmer sailed from Dublin on the evening of Monday the 25th July, in a cargo boat called the 'Inishowen Head'. Madeleine & I, with Chuck Harris who was staying with us at the time, went down to Dublin to see them off, and Chuck took some fine photos of the historic occasion. Because of the dock strike the ship's sailing date was advanced by nearly 3 weeks, so that Ken and Pamela were arriving in the States with very little money, no one to meet them and no arrangements for their accommodation until the Convention. Back in Belfast, Chuck & I ran off & airmailed a mimeographed appeal for help to 12 representative fans in the Baltimore area and neighbouring states, The response was wonderful. The letter arrived only three days before the boat, but Bob Pavlat, John Magnus and John Hitchcock were at the docks to meet Ken & Pamela with two cars and the offer of accommodation until the convention in John Hitchcock's house. A few hours later another welcoming party -- Larry Shaw, Dick Ellington & Phyllis Scott -- arrived with the offer of Dave Kyle's vacant flat and whisked the Bulmers off to New York where they stayed until they left for the Convention. They've since been with Don Ford in Cincinnati, Jesse Floyd in Savannah, Chick Derry in Washington, and elsewhere. While in Savannah they visited the Okefenoke Swamp with Lee Hoffman & Charles Wells. They are now back in New York and should be coming home about the middle of November: via Ireland, we hope.

Ken registered a bid for a London Worldcon in 1956 but withdrew it in face of overwhelming odds in favour of New York. There is now however a very good chance for London in 1957.

Ken has grown a beard.

The Bulmers are considering starting a special TAFFzine in aid of the fund, to run reports by themselves and others of TAFF trips.

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Note by Walt Willis: There has been some discussion behind the scenes as to what should constitute a 'fan' for TAFF purposes. I feel that, especially in view of TAFF's international character, a candidate should have had some connection with fanzines, to the extent of contributing or commenting. Others however feel that it should be enough to be an sf personality with popularity in fandom and interest in fans, demonstrated by attendance at Conventions. Your views would be appreciated if you'd care to express them while sending in your ballot form.