TAFF Ballot 1957

1957 Voting Form



If the winner of the election proves unable to travel the opportunity will be offered to the runner-up, and then to #3, provided he got more than 25% of the total points. If he cannot go, or the amount in the Fund is not enough to send anyone, the money will be held over to 1958 and there will be an entirely fresh election. (Note: as of close of nominations, I have on hand $222.00 & there is about $60.00 additional being held by Ken Bulmer ... Don Ford.)

Details of voting will be kept confidential.

Reproductions of this ballot are authorized provided an exact copy of this page is made.

Votes must reach Don Ford, Box 19-T, RR #2, Loveland, Ohio, before July 1, 1957. Please write your 1st, 2nd & 3rd choice of a candidate to be sent to the 15th World Science Fiction Convention, being held in London over Labor Day, 1957.

First Choice

Second Choice

Third Choice

(Note: Your First Choice will be awarded 3 points, your Second 2, and your Third 1. Smartest way to boost your favorite candidate is to write his name in all three choices for a total of 6 points.) "Write-in" votes are allowed. To be eligible to vote you must contribute a minimum of 50¢ or 2/6 to the TRANSATLANTIC FAN FUND (TAFF) and have been active in fandom prior to November 1956. Contributions in excess of the 50¢ minimum will be gratefully accepted, but only one ballot per person will be allowed. If you are not a known fan please give here the name of one/club to whom reference may be made.

I enclose/have sent to Ken Bulmer the sum of ____ as a contribution to TAFF. (Money paid for raffle tickets or special fanzines does not count.)



Persons living outside the U.S. and Canada may send their contributions to: H. Ken Bulmer, Tresco, 204 Wellmeadow Road, Catford, London, S.E.6, England. In any event your ballot should be mailed to Don Ford.

side 2:

George Nims Raybin

401 Broadway, New York 13, N.Y.

Nominated by:
Earl Perry
Ian T. Macaulay
Sandy Cutrell
Jacob Schulzinger
Jim Holtel

Forrest J. Ackerman

918 S. Sherbourne Dr., Los Angeles 35, Calif

Nominated by:
Rick Sneary
Len J. Moffatt
Ron Ellik
Helen M. Urban
E. Loring Ware

Stuart S. Hoffman

Box 16, Black Earth, Wisconsin

Nominated by:
Robert Bloch
Bob Tucker
Frank M. Robinson
Marvin W. Mindes
Dr. Donald L. Corbett, Jr.

Ed McNulty

5645 Winthrop, Indianapolis, Indiana

Nominated by:
Delray Green
Bill Ludington
James R. Adams
Robert Adair
Robert Coulson

Dick Ellington

299 Riverside Dr., #11-A, New York 25, N.Y.Nominated by:
Art Saha
Bill Donaho
Dan Curren
Patricia Warner
Ruth Landis

Boyd Raeburn

9 Glenvalley Dr,. Toronto 9, Ontario, Canada

Nominated by:
Howard Lyons
Gerald Steward
Pat Patterson
Ron Kidder
Bill Grant

Richard H. Eney

417 Ft. Hunt Road, Alexandria, Virginia

Nominated by:
Ted E. White
Lee & Larry Shaw
Bob Pavlat
John Hitchcock
Dr. William H. ("Bill") Evans

Robert A. Madle

C/O Bob Pavlat, 6001 43rd Ave., Hyattsville, Maryland

Nominated by:
Bob Pavlat
Dot Cole
Richard H. Eney
Phil Bridges
Forrest J. Ackerman