TAFF Ballot 1958

TAFF 1958


Ron Bennett

Ron Bennett is co-editor of one of the most serious literary fanzines in Britain -- and publisher/editor of one of the zaniest trufan type. He's one of the few Britons who've been enthusiastic enough to visit Continental fans, can talk like a runaway tape-recorder, has published long accounts of all Conventions he's visited, is an active member of FAPA, OMPA and the Cult, and is well known for the lighter side of his life such as his fictitious elephant Cecil. His more serious side is demonstrated by his regular publication of a Fan Directory and his work on Michael Rosenblum's New Futurian. Ron is a Knight of St Fantony and was on the 1957 ConCommittee. Fans gleeing at the Bennett humour, notorious through British sf circles, find it more piquant because of his profession -- school teaching. He's among the top ten British fans and a worthy representative.

Bob Pavlat, Mike Rosenblum, Terry Carr, A. Vincent Clarke, Sandy Sanderson

John Berry

It seems that some people would like to see a Faan go TAFF. Who better then, than John Berry. John entered fandom in 1954 and since then his produced fannish writings have found their way into most fanzines that have been published during this period. One of the kindest and most enthusiastic fans I know, John has never turned a deaf ear to anyone who wrote requesting material from him, even when up to his moustache ends in publishing and co-editing such Goon Press publications as Retribution and Veritas. For a good write-up and a good representative for the trip to South Gate in '58, John Berry is the man to go.

Arthur Thomson, Roberta Wild, Ron Bennett, Len Moffatt, Anna Moffatt

Dave Newman

In Dave Newman we find a fan who could well represent nearly all of the aspects of British fandom at the World Con in Los Angeles. If America fans want to meet a typically atypical British fan, known for his wonderful personality -- if British fandom wants to send an active science fiction fan, a trufan, a fan active in organizing the Kettering Conventions and the past London World Convention, a fan author of no mean abilities, and first British director of the World Science Fiction Society, no better choice could be made than Dave Newman. (Has own glass. Will travel.)

Steve Schultheis, Ted Carnell, Ted Tubb, Eric Bentcliffe, C.L. Barrett, MD

Roberta Wild

Much can be said for Bobby Wild. A fan the past four years, she spent more than a decade before that in the Women's Royal Air Force. After being invalided out, she entered fandom in 1954, contributed to the all-female mag FEZ, and joined the Off-Trail Magazine Publisher's Association (the British version of FAPA) for which she publishes regularly. Her work on the recent London Convention kept her from contributing widely to other fanzines. She handling the gruelling job of Convention Secretary with efficiency and skill, and now that the Con is over can devote more time to other fan activity. She has shown herself full of fannish spirit, and we predict she'll be well known in fandom from now on. We feel she deserves election as the 1958 TAFF delegate for her remarkable contributions and activity in fandom.

Franklin M. Dietz, Belle C. Dietz, Ken Slater, Robert Silverberg, Joy Clarke

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All candidates have signed a statement to the effect that if elected, God willing, they will go to the Convention. Should the winner be unable to to go through reasons beyond his or her control, the second will be offered the opportunity and then the third provided he obtained more than 25% of thevotes. If no-one goes or if there is not sufficient money, the cash in hand will be held over until 1959.

Details of voting are kept secret.

Reproductions of this ballot are authorised provided an exact copy is made.

No proxy votes are allowed, Each voting fan must sign his own ballot paper.

Votes must be mailed to reach H. Ken Bulmer, Tresco, 204, Wellmeadow Road, Catford, London, S.E.6, England, before 15th June, 1958.

Please write below your 1st 2nd and 3rd choice of a candidate to be sent to the 16th World Science Fiction Convention to be held in South Gate, U.S.A., in September, 1958.

First Choice

Second Choice

Third Choice

(Note: Your first choice will receive 3 points, your second 2 points, and your third 1 point. You may vote for any one candidate once only. If you wish you may leave blank the third and/or second places.)

Write-in Votes are allowed.

To be eligible to vote you must contribute or have contributed a minimum of 2/6d (50¢) to the Fund and have been active in fandom prior to November, 1957. Contributions in excess of 2/6d or 50¢ gratefully accepted. If you are not a known fan, please give here the name and address of a fan or club to whom reference may be made.

Persons outside Great Britain may send ballots and/or money to Robert A. Madle, 7720 Oxman Road, Hyattsville, Maryland, USA.

I enclose/have sent to you/Bob Madle the sum of ____ as a contribution to the Fund. (NB: Money paid for raffle tickets and special fanzines does not count.)