TAFF Ballot 1959

TAFF 1959


Terry Carr

Terry Carr is a Good Fan. This is obvious to anyone who has read INNUENDO, or any of his material which is appearing at an everincreasing rate. Terry Carr is also, in his own words, "About 80% of Carl Brandon." And Carl Brandon was Fabulous. Terry was, in a large part, responsible for such faaanish pieces as "My Fair Femmefan", "Cacher of the Rye" and "The BNF of Iz". Terry has also been called "Seventh Fandom's Charles Burbee", but he insists this is not true. He insists that he dates back to Sixth Fandom. And he does for Terry Carr has been on the scene for over eight years. In person he is as fabulous as he is in print, and in the same quietly humorous manner. What more could you ask?
Nominated by: Ted E. White, Charles Burbee, William Rotsler, Walter A. Willis, Bob Shaw

Don Ford

Don Ford began reading science fiction in 1930, and still reads it. He attended the Toronto Convention in 1948. The following year he became known as "Mr. Cinvention" due to his activity with the 1949 Cinvention. He was a founder of the first Midwescon so that those who could not make Portland that year could still meet and talk with fans. Don read Wm. N. Crawford's Marvel Tales in 1935 and has been a fanzine addict ever since, even to the extent of publishing his own. Don was the first USA administrator for TAFF. For four years he worked to help put TAFF over. He has entertained and is a friend of the British delegates to American conventions, and also corresponds with many other British fans. He is well known in England and the USA. Don will make a good representative of U.S. Fandom and can be counted on to follow through with a written account of his TAFF trip.
Nominated by: C.L. Barrett, M.D., Lynn A. Hickman, Daniel E. McPhail, Ted Carnell, Norman G. Ashfield.

Bjo Wells

Bjo (short for Betty-Jo) is an xlint bette for the Anglicon of 60. Bjo first showed up at the Chicon II in 1952. Nexthing she was at the Worldcon in San Francisco, and then one day she was in LA -- and Things Began To Happen. They elected her Director of LASFA ... she originated and energized thru to success the Futuristic Fashion Show ... she became a potent publisher with her whamzine Mimsy ... her cartoons and artwork have graced fanzines the world over. A good reason could be given for every freckle she's got why Bjo should go to England as TAFF representative, but the main thing is how much our British brethren would enjoy Bjo. Imagine a girl who knows how to snog in the SMOG! When she hits London there'll be a riotous run on the Fog Banks! Seriously, Bjo would be just the Anglofan's cup of Tea.
Nominated by: Forrest J. Ackerman, Ernie Wheatley, Lilian Field, John Larry, Jean Linard.

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All candidates have signed a statement to the effect that if elected, God Willing, they will go to the British Convention to be held in April or May, 1960. Should the winner be unable to to go through reasons beyond his or her control, the second will be offered the opportunity, and then the third, provided he obtained more than 25% of the votes. If no-one goes, or if there is not sufficient money, the cash on hand will be held over until the following year.

Details of voting are kept secret.

Reproductions of this ballot are authorized (in fact, encouraged) provided an exact copy is made.

No proxy votes are allowed, Each voting fan must sign his own ballot.

Votes must be mailed to reach Robert A. Madle, 3608 Caroline Ave. Indianapolis 18, Indiana, no later than December 31, 1959.

Please write below your 1st 2nd and 3rd choice of a candidate to be sent to the British Science Fiction Convention to be held in April or May, 1960.

First Choice

Second Choice

Third Choice

(Note: Your first choice will receive 3 points, your second 2 points, and your third 1 point. You may vote for any one candidate once only. If you wish to cast all your support for one candidate, you may place his/her name as first choice only, leaving second and third blank. Under no circumstances will more than 3 points be allowed any one candidate on any one ballot.)

Write-in votes are allowed.

To be eligible to vote you must contribute a minimum of 50¢ (2/6d) to the fund and have been active in fandom prior to January 1959. Contributions in excess of 50¢ or 2/6d gratefully accepted. If you are not a known fan, please give here the name and address of a fan or club to whom reference may be made.

Overseas fans may send money and ballots to Ron Bennett, 7 Southway, Arthurs Avenue, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England.

I Enclose the sum of ____ as a contribution to the TransAtlantic Fan Fund.