TAFF Ballot 1960

TAFF 1960


Mal Ashworth

If you suddenly stop and ask yourself what makes fandom worth while the short answer is some wonderful people and some fine writing. It's amazing how often Mal Ashworth figures in both lists, since he hasn't been half as prolific as some. But in our morass of mimeography it's worth that counts, and there nobody tops Mal. Whether it's the fabulous issues of Bem, or the effervescence of his later more informal fanzines, or the warmth of the classic MY FIRST REAL CONVENTION, or the good-humoured satire of THE DASHCON REPORT in Hyphen or any of his many other columns or articles or even just a hilarious letter, everything Mal does is not just brilliant but likeable, because that's the kind of person he is. A reader of science fiction as long as he can remember, an active fan since the days of Quandry, universally liked in Britain and by scores of American fans through FAPA, he would worthily represent the best in British fandom.

Nominated by: Walt Willis, Arthur Thomson, John Roles, Larry Shaw, F.M. Busby.

Eric Bentcliffe

Eric Bentcliffe will make an excellent TAFF candidate in 1960, for many reasons. Among them are his long background in fandom both in publishing and actifanning, editorship of TRIODE, SPACE-TIMES, WALDO, The Space-Times Checklist and Songs From Space anthology plus numerous articles and letters throughout fandom. These all spell actifan. On the Convention side, Eric has been on the Committee of several British Conventions, participated in programme items, and worked before and behind the scenes on many others. As first Secretary of the BSFA, Eric is also a member of the rare fannish order of Knights of St. Fantony. The social party side is another of Eric's strong points and of course very important in a delegate: he can get on his hind legs and address an audience.

Nominated by: Terry Jeeves, Norman Shorrock, Eric Jones, Bob Pavlat, Phyllis Economou.

H.P. (Sandy) Sanderson

Long involved in British fanactivity, Sandy started as a leading light and Convention organizer by creating "Joan W. Carr" and FEMIZINE: is founder member and treasurer of both OMPA and the SF Club of London and member of LC: edits one of the Top Ten fanzines, the scintillating APORRHETA: is ex-FAPA (100 pages in his first year), dropped for APE's sake: is able to report in vivid "Strawberry Ice/Inchmery Fan Diary" style, with tape and cine record! Finally, he's a coffee-addict -- no British fan could be a better choice!

Nominated by: Joy K. Clarke, Sid Birchby, Dean Grennell, Bob Tucker, Ethel Lindsay.

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All candidates have signed a statement to the effect that if elected, God willing, they will travel to the Convention. Should the winner be unable to to go through reasons beyond his control, the second will be offered the opportunity, and then the third, provided he obtains 25% of the votes. If no-one goes, or if there is not sufficient money, the cash on hand will be held over until 1961.

Details of voting are kept secret.

Reproductions of this ballot are authorised (in fact, encouraged) provided an exact copy is made.

No proxy votes are allowed, Each voting fan must sign his own ballot paper.

Votes must be mailed to reach Ron Bennett, 7 Southway, Arthurs Avenue, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England, no later than 15 June 1960.

Please write below your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of a candidate to be sent to the 18th World Science Fiction Convention to be held in Pittsburgh, USA in September 1960.

First Choice

Second Choice

Third Choice

Note: Your first choice will receive 3 points, your second 2 points, and your third one point. You may vote for any one candidate once only. If you wish you may leave blank third and/or second places. Under no circumstances will more than 3 points be allowed any one candidate on any one ballot. Write-in votes permitted.

To be eligible to vote you must contribute a minimum of 2/6d (50¢) to the Fund and have been active in fandom prior to November 1959. Contributions in excess of 50¢ or 2/6d gratefully accepted. If you are not a fan known to the administration, please give here the name and address of a fan or science fiction club to whom or which reference may be made.

Overseas fans may send money and ballots to either Ron Bennett or to Robert Madle, 672 Ripley Street, Brookville, Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

I enclose/have sent to you/Bob Madle the sum of ____ as a contribution to the Fund. (Note that money paid for raffle tickets and special fanzines does not count.)