TAFF Ballot 1961

Candidates' Platforms

Ron Ellik

We'd like to nominate Ron Ellik for TAFF because we like him. His history with FANAC, which, during his co-editorship was awarded the fanzine 'HUGO' in '59, and his long service as an officer of the Fantasy Amateur Press Association (FAPA) prove him a capable publishing fan. He's a convention fan because we've seen him travel cross-country to attend World Conventions and Midwescons. He reads science-fiction because we questioned him to be sure he did; he even collects a little bit. He can associate with young-fans, and with old-guard-fans equally well. We would be proud to have Ron Ellik as a representative to Britain in l962; however, the best reason for nominating him, and sending him, is that the British fans will like him as well as we do.

Nominated by: Bjo Trimble, C.L. Barrett, MD, Larry T. Shaw, Arthur Thomson and Ron Bennett.

Dick Eney

MONUMENTAL! That's the word for Richard H. Eney, whose praises I sing! MONUMENTAL: that's the word for his latest and greatest work, FANCYCLOPEDIA II. This alone reason to nominate him; this alone reason to elect him! Dick Eney: valued member of FAPA, OMPA, SAPS. Dick Eney: collector (and reader!), publisher, convention-goer, the fan's fan, complete to beard but minus guitar. London will be mad about him! (True he has some faults, but we're keeping that quiet.) Vital statistics: Male, single, age 27, height 6'3", beady of eye and ready to travel. Back your FANCY for TAFF!

Nominated by: Howard DeVore, Dean Grennell, Lynn Hickman, John Berry and Archie Mercer.

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All candidates have signed statements that if elected they will attend the British Convention to be held in 1962, probably at Eastertime. In addition they have posted bond, and their platforms are listed elsewhere in this Ballot Form.

Should the winner be unable to make the trip, the second place winner will be offered the opportunity.

Details of voting are kept secret.

Reproductions of this ballot are authorized and encouraged provided an exact copy is made.

* * * * * *

As of Dec. 1st, 1960 TAFF has $355.60. $99.00. was raised from the Auction-Bloch at the Pittsburgh Convention; Wally Weber donated $30.00; both candidates paid $10.00 registration fee instead of the required $5.00; and the PITTCON COMMITTEE donated $200.00 after their bills were paid. Dirce Archer, P. Schuyler Miller and the rest of the committee most certainly deserve a vote of thanks from all of us.

Votes must reach Don Ford, Box 19-T, R.R.2, Wards Corner Rd, Loveland, Ohio, U.S.A. before September 30th 1961.


(Note since there are only two candidates, the voting procedure has been slightly modified.)

Write-in votes are permitted.

No proxy votes are allowed, Each voting fan must sign his/her own ballot.

To be eligible to vote you must contribute or have contributed a minimum of 50 cents or 2/6 to the Fund and have been active in some phase of science-fiction fandom prior to January, 1960. Contributions in excess of the minimum are not only gratefully accepted but encouraged. If you are not a known fan, please give here the name and address of a fan, or s-f club (to whom you are known) as reference.

Fans living in the Sterling Area, or Continental Europe should send money and ballots to:-
Eric Bentcliffe, 47, Alldis St, Great Moor, Stockport, Cheshire, England.

I ENCLOSE the sum of ____ as a contribution to the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund. (Make any cheques or money-orders payable to either Don Ford or Eric Bentcliffe, please; NOT to TAFF.)