TAFF Talk 3

An official Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund bulletin published by Peter Roberts, 38 Oakland Drive, Dawlish, Devon, UK. April 1979. Restormel Press Publication: 140.

The results of the 1979 TAFF race are as follows:

Terry Hughes: 108 votes
Fred Haskell: 40 votes
Suzle Tompkins: 40 votes
HOF: 0 votes

Roy Tackett will be publishing the American details shortly; here, meanwhile, are the full figures for the votes received by the European administrator:

Votes (1st place) (2nd) (3rd) (4th) blank
Fred Haskell: 5 17 36 5 13
Terry Hughes: 61 8 7 0 0
Suzle Tompkins: 10 31 19 4 12
Hold Over Funds 0 14 3 47 12

The leading candidate received a majority of the votes, so second preferences were not called upon. The blank votes are the result of people failing to vote the full four places & are included above to show exactly how the 76 ballots received added up for each candidate (if my arithmetic is ok!).

The following fans voted through the European administrator (me):

Chris Atkinson
Jim Barker
Harry Bell
Eric Bentcliffe
John Berry
Ron Bounds
John Brosnan
Bill Burns
Mary Burns
Graham Charnock
Pat Charnock
Dave Cockfield
John Collick
Geoff Cox
Mike Dickinson
Alan Dorey
Malcolm Edwards
Tony Edwards
Stan Eling
Graham England
Andy Firth
Al Fitzpatrick
Rune Forsgren
Keith Freeman
Rob Hansen
Chuck Harris
Eve Harvey
John Harvey
Steev Higgins
Martin Hoare
Rob Holdstock
Coral Jackson
Rob Jackson
Klaus Johansen
Vera Johnson
Eddie Jones
Marsha Jones
Tom Jones
Leroy Kettle
Paul Kincaid
Dave Langford
Gerald Lawrence
Ethel Lindsay
Jim Linwood
Marion Linwood
John Lowe
Peter Mabey
Ian Maule
Janice Maule
Mike Meara
Pat Meara
Harry Nadler
Joseph Nicholas
Peter Nicholls
Darroll Pardoe
Rosemary Pardoe
Brian Parker
Chuck Partington
Bernie Peek
Roger Peyton
Dai Price
Chris Priest
David Pringle
Mike Scantlebury
Bob Shaw
Nick Shears
Norman Shorrock
Cas Skelton
Paul Skelton
Kevin Smith
Andrew Stephenson
Simone Walsh
Don West
Pete Weston
Ian Williams
Kevin Williams

Many thanks to Ken Bulmer, Colin Lester, and others (including several fnzsellers in the fan room) who donated to TAFF at Yorcon. Good on you all.

Roy Tackett's passed on the votes that he's received, so here's the American breakdown:

Votes (1st place) (2nd) (3rd) (4th)
Fred Haskell: 35 33 32 12
Terry Hughes: 47 22 32 4
Suzle Tompkins: 30 43 28 5
Hold Over Funds 2 9 13 61

Right then. Well done Terry Hughes & we all look forward to seeing you over here in the Summer. Thanks too to Roy who now becomes an ex-Administrator. Terry's the new US boss and his new address is: 606 N. Jefferson St, Arlington, VA 22205.

Auction: the TAFF auction at Yorcon brought in no less than £96.29 -- many thanks, therefore, to those who donated material (Mike Moorcock, Malcolm Edwards, Rog Peyton, Joseph Nicholas, Milton Strain, and, I'm sure, several others) and to those who bought and who helped with the auction. Most of the material consisted of books, magazines, and fanzines, but Jim Barker donated three battery-operated propellor beanies plus an inscribed poppadum and someone unknown donated a large (& heavy) lump of rock (which I actually sold to some idiot as a building block for a pyramid). TAFF gets its money in strange ways...

Fanzine sales: As a result of the list in the last Taff Talk, Dave Piper's sent along a cheque for £16.60 for fanzines sold in aid of TAFF. There's still a few left, so I'll list them below. They're available from Dave Piper (to whom cheques should be made out no cheques in foreign currency, please) at 7 Cranley Dr, Ruislip, Middx, HA4 6BZ. All proceeds to TAFF (less post) and there's 20% off orders over £3.00. Dave says he's using the cheapest postal rates, so expect a bit of delay -- especially if you're ordering from overseas.

Sf Echo (Connor) 23-25 @ 30p each.
Hedgehog (Frane) 2 @ 20p
Dilemma (Frank) 7-10 @ 25p each.
Sf Weekly (Porter) 193,200-209, 210-226,228,229 @ 85p the lot.
Gorbett (Gorman) 5-7 @ 20p each.
20th C Unltd (Porter) 3 @ l5p.
South Norwalk (Porter) 2 @ 15p.
Meritricious (with Kirk Tolkien Calendar, 1969) @ 80p.
Inferno (Skelton) 7-15 15p each.
Skyrack (Bennett) 74-95 @ 70p the lot.
Les Spinge (Hale) 11,13 @ 50p each.
Lurk (Mearas) 1-7 @ 15p each.
The Scarr (Charters) 200 @ 20p.
Knockers (Mearas) 1-6 @ 15p each..
Scottishe (Lindsay) 64,72-76 @ 15p each.
Cynic 4 (Worcester) (Boak) @ 25p.
Dream Vender (Sandercock) 1 @ 10p.
Antares (Ergin) 1 10p.

The following fanzines are available from me; proceeds, less post, to TAFF; 20% off orders over £3; and if what you want has gone, cash will be held over till the next sale. Right then:

Cynic (Boak) 5-8 (bound together) @ 90p; 4,9 @ 25p each.
Cynic l-3½, Transplant 1-5, + Interim 1 (Boak) (bound tog.) £1.
Zimri (Conesa) 7 @ 40p
Con Programme 1962 (Eddie Jones cover -- attractively produced) 30p.
Starling (Luttrells) 21 @ 35p.
Icarus (Wood) 5 @ 20p.
STF Trends (Hickman) 10-14 @ 20p each.
Dot (Key Smith) 3 @ 15p.
Mor-farch/Krumhorn (me) 2 @ 30p.
Scottishe (Lindsay) 65,66 @ 15p each.
Eastercon Programme 1974 (Harry Bell cover -- also attractive) @ 35p.
Loncon 53 (Vin¢ Clarke) one-sheet one-shot @ 5p (with other orders)