TAFF Talk 4

An official Transatlantic Fan Fund bulletin published by Peter Roberts, 18 Westwood, Cofton, Starcross, Nr Exeter, Devon, UK. Restormel Press Pub.: 149.

The results of the 1980 TAFF race are as follows:

Jim Barker: 38 votes
Dave Langford: 83 votes
H.O. Funds: 2 votes

Norman Shorrock received one write-in vote. One ballot (so far) has crept in too late for inclusion in the above figures, though obviously it wouldn't have affected the result.

I therefore declare Dave Langford the winner. Well done, governor -- best of luck to you, and to Jim Barker too.

The American figures, phoned through by Terry Hughes give Dave 44 votes, Jim 15 votes, and HOF one vote. The detailed figures for votes received through the European Administrator (me) are given below:

Votes (1st place) (2nd) (3rd) (4th)
Jim Barker 23 35 3 3
Dave Langford 39 23 1 1
Hold Over Funds 1 3 46 14
(Norman Shorrock) 1 - - -

The following fans voted via the European Administrator:

Mike Ashley
Margaret Austin
Jim Barker
Chris Barlow
Harry Bell
Ron Bennett
Eric Bentcliffe
Derek Boal
Pamela Boal
Alastair Bonham-Noyle
Allen Boyd-Newton
Alan Dorey
Bernard Earp
Martin Easterbrook
Helen Eling
Stan Eling
Ahrvid Engholm
Graham England
John Fairey
Andrew Firth
Al Fitzpatrick
Rune Forsgren
Keith Freeman
Wendy Freeman
Steven Green
Rob Hansen
Eve Harvey
John Harvey
Steev Higgins
Coral Jackson
Rob Jackson
Philip James
Leroy Kettle
Annemarie Kindt
Gary Klüpfel
Uschi Klüpfel
Waldemar Kumming
Ethel Lindsay
Ann Looker
Peter Mabey
Chris Morgan
Pauline Morgan
Joseph Nicholas
Chris Priest
Walter Reinecke
Doreen Rogers
Susan Rule
Denis Scheck
Konrad Schöttl
Bob (Scot) Shaw
Ina Shorrock
Norman Shorrock
Cyril Simsa
Peter Singleton
Kevin Smith
Ritchie Smith
Tim Stannard
Phil Stephensen-Payne
John Steward
Martin Tee
Pascal Thomas
Ian Watson
Don West
Peter Weston

Thanks to everyone who voted and also to everyone who donated sums in excess of the 50p minimum -- everything from 10p to £5. I can't list all the people who've given money to TAFF, I'm afraid, but I have a few names, so thanks to Rune Forsgren in Sweden for collecting a large sum in aid of TAFF, also to Martin Easterbrook and the Hitchhiker LP fund, Roger Earnshaw, Denny Lien. Pete Presford, and all those who donated to, helped in, and bought from the auctions at Seacon, Novacon, and the Albacon. Thanks too for those of you who've published and bought the special TAFF fanzines, especially Paul & Cas Skelton and Pat & Mike Meara for EGEO SEXTARIUS and Dave Langford & Jim Barker (no less) for TAFF-DDU. Others have promised cash for fan material published in the last few months and we'll give them a nod too. Final tug of the forelock for the con committees who've given PR and programme space to TAFF and to those who've helped distribute ballots. I'm only sorry that I can't extend this to a full list of people who've helped with TAFF over the last couple of years; but response to the fund has been massive. TAFF loves you.

A few figures from recent conventions: Seacon brought in just over £120 from various auctions (book, fanzine, artwork, ½r Cruttenden's t-shirt, Sue Williams' Seacon backdrop, &c); Novacon brought in just over £12 from a short impromptu auction of oddments; and Albacon -- just over £120 from various auctions plus fanzine sales. Sorry I wasn't there.

The amount collected in Europe since I drained the kitty dry in 1977 comes to no less than £700 -- a figure which leaves TAFF in a healthy state despite the rigours of inflation. Thanks again to everyone who's helped put TAFF on such a sound footing. Part will go towards Dave's trip to the 1980 worldcon and the rest will help finance future trips.

And with that, the ex-administrator walked quietly off into the last rays of the setting sun...

But not before making one last effort to sell you some further goodies in aid of TAFF. Cast your eyes below.

The following are available from me, Peter Roberts, at the address overleaf; prices include postage.

OF SUCH ARE LEGENDS MADE (Vol 1) edited by Joyce Scrivner -- a neatly produced 56 page compilation of fan history, myth, and legend. Contributors include Mike Glicksohn, Harry Warner Jnr, Stu Shiffman, and more than a dozen others. 75p per copy.

THE SQUIRREL'S TALE Ron Ellik's TAFF report (1962). 70p per copy.

THE MOFFATT HOUSE ABROAD -- Len & June Moffatt's TAFF report (1973). £1.10

EGG 11 -- a few copies left of this aging fanzine, containing the first couple of parts of my TAFF report. 50p per copy. EGG 12 out RSN...

All money on the above (less post) goes to TAFF. Doubtless Dave, as the new administrator, will be trying to sell you even more things. Good luck to him.

Peter Roberts 15.4.80