Taffiles 3.1


taffile (taf'-il) n. pl. -les
1. A repository, usually a manila folder, containing material related to TAFF.
2. A lover of TAFF-ish things. [Fannish]

This is Taffiles #3.1 (second try) and an Obsessive Press publication #93 -- the April/May, 1988 issue of the newsletter of the Transatlantic Fan Fund, and it is published by Jeanne Gomoll at Box 1443, Madison, WI 53701-l443. Telephone 608-255-9909. The European administrator was Greg Pickersgill but as of this issue, he is of course succeeded by Lillian Edwards (1 Braehead Road. Thorntonhall, Glasgow, England G74 5AQ) and Christine Lake (47 Wessex, Bristol B57 0DE England). Taffiles will be generally available to all those who donate to or show interest in TAFF. Or just ask. Or you may already be on my mailing list; that may explain the strange appearance of this publication in your mail box. The reason this issue is called "second try," is because it is just that. The first try was published just before Corflu and was carried with me to that convention and handd out to all interested fans attending the Seattle con. However, because I was still so inexperience with our new Macintosh computer, a whole week of work was not enough to finish the job, and so that interim issue failed to include names of votes, financial dats and a few other items of interest. This issue of Taffiles #3 should be the final, complete version. Or at least I hope so. May 3, 1988.


Voting has been tabulated in the 1988 TAFF race, and the results are as follows:

Lillian Edwards & Christine Lake Martin Tudor Dave Wood Hold-over Funds Other Total
Europe 73 51 43 1 *1 169
North America **63 16 11 2 0 92
Australia 6 4 0 0 ***1 11
Total 142 71 54 3 2 272

*No Preference

**Lillian Edwards and Christine Lake alone received 20% of all the first-place votes cast by North American voters.

***Christine Lake

Lillian Edwards and Christine Lake received a simple majority of the total votes cast on the very first count, with no redistribution of votes. Edwards and Lake's vote total came to 52% of all votes cast, winning them a landslide victory. They will be attending the 1988 Worldcon in New Orleans as TAFF delegates. Further travel plans are unknown at this point, but write them if you wish to invite them to visit your part of North American Fandom.

Congratulations Lillian and Christine, and thanks to Martin Tudor and Dave Wood for a race well run.

The Voters

The following North Americans and Australians voted in the 1988 race: Justin Ackroyd, Harry Andruschak, Heather Ashby, David Axler, Bryan Barret, Bill Bowers, Richard Bergeron, John D. Berry, Erik Biever, Paul Birnbaum, Linda Blanchard, Bill Bodden, Velma J. Bowen, Jeanne Bowman, Richard Brandt, Dave Bridges, Brian Earl Brown, Bill Burns, Mary J. Burns, Peter Burns, Allan D. Burrows, Linda Bushyager, Marty Cantor, Robbie Cantor, Eli Cohen, Scott Custis, Phil Davenport, Hal Davis, M. K. Digre, Cathy Doyle.

Bill Farina, Moshe Feder, Donald Franson, Terry A. Gary, Linda Gerstein, Irvin Hirsh, Andrew P. Hooper, Lucy Huntzinger, Alexis A. Gilliland, Frank C. Johnson, Ken Josenhans, Neil Kaden, Jerry Kaufman, Greg Ketter, Hope Kiefer, Erik Kosberg; Peter Larsen, George "Lan" Laskowski, David M. Lawson, Robert Lichtman, Mark Loney, Lync, Dick Lynch, Nicki Lynch, Bertie MacAvoy, Vera Matich, Robert McAllister, Luke McGuff, Steve Miller, John F. Moore, Michelle Muijsert, Maryellen Mueller, Janice Murray.

Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Cath Ortlieb, Mark Ort1ieb, Elizabeth Osborne, Clive Newall, Jack Palmer, Spike Parsons, Sarah Prince, Thomas Quale, Boyd Raeburn, Mark Richards, Dave Rike, Peter Roberts, Vicki Rosenzweig, Ron Salomon, Jeff Schalles, Joyce Scrivner, Stu Shiffman, Nevenah Smith, Megret Stull, Rick Sneary, Elaine Stiles, Steve Stiles, Geri Sullivan, Suzle, David Thayer, Amy Thomson, Karen Trego, Gregg T. Trend, R. Laurraine Tutihasi, Harry Warner, Jr., Bob Webber, Jean Weber, Roger Weddall, Brad Westervelt, Art Widner, and Ed Zdrojewski.

Late ballots were received from Craig Smith and Greg Ketter (who had already voted, so it didn't matter much in his case).

Greg Pickersgill has published the list of U.K. and European voters in Taff Vale #3. It's a most entertaining piece of business and I highly recommend it. Maybe Greg will send it to you if you ask nicely and send him postage money. (Greg Pickersgill, 7a Lawrence Road, South Ealing, London W5 4SJ England)

Next Year

One reminder: the next TAFF race is coming up fast and potential TAFF candidates need to make their decision whether or not to run. The 1989 election will send a North American fan to England for Eastercon. The voting deadline will probably be sometime around January 1, 1989. And the deadline for the nomination process will probably be very soon after worldcon. These dates will be finalized when I speak to the new European TAFF team and we come to an agreement on this matter. However that discussion turns out, it's time to start thinking about the next race. Look around and think about who you'd like to see representing us in Britain next year.

The State of TAFF finances

This is the hardest part for me. I've been scrupulous in my record-keeping of TAFFish finances, but this business of preparing a simple outline of income and expenditures bears a striking resemblance to balancing a checkbook, and I've gotten a bit nervous about the whole thing. Other people's money and all that. Nevertheless with Scott's help, I've managed to produce these figures:

First of all, this is how Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden handed over the accounts to me:

$5,186.77 TAFF North America assets as reported in Taffluvia #10
-50.00 Turned over by Nielsen Hadens publishing and mailing TAFF Europe (donations from Brits)
-50.00 Spent by Nielsen Hadens publishing & mailing Taffluvia #10
-103.94 Spent by Nielsen Haydens on administrative wrap-up (mailing packages, etc.)
-372.00 Outstanding debt from TAFF auction
$4,464.83 Total turned over to Jeanne Gomoll

Since then, this is what's been going on:

+$4464.83 Turned over to Gomoll by Nielsen Hadens
-1175.29 Spent by Gomoll on TAFF trip
-85.59 Postage
-47.54 Telephone
-8.57 Printing
+225.40 Europe TAFF funds handed over to Gomoll
-225.40 Europe TAFF funds spent by Gomoll in Britain
+1718.52 Donations, Voting fees, Sales
+126.07 Interest
$5020.60 Total

Thank you

Thanks to the people who donated auction materials, money and help to the TAFF cause this year: Steven Brust, Robert Lichtman, Joyce Scrivner, NESFA, Rob Hansen, Dave Langford, Minicon (1987 and 1988), Robert Taylor, Karen Trego, Garth Danielson, Marty Cantor, Jane Hawkins, Chattacon, Confederation, Terry Gregory, Wiscon, Allan D. Burrows, Allan Beatty, Steve Johnson, Richard Bergeron, Greg Ketter, Corflu, Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, and Scott Custis.

Jeanne Gomoll
10 May 1988