Taffiles 3


taffile (taf'-il) n. pl. -les
1. A repository, usually a manila folder, containing material related to TAFF.
2. A lover of TAFF-ish things. [Fannish]

This is Taffiles #3, (in progress) and an Obsessive Press publication #93 -- the April/May, 1988 issue of the newsletter of the Transatlantic Fan Fund, and it is published by Jeanne Gomoll at Box 1443, Madison, WI 53701-l443. Telephone 608-255-9909. The European administrator was Greg Pickersgill but as of this issue, he is of course succeeded by Lillian Edwards (1 Braehead Road, Thorntonhall, Glasgow, England G74 5AQ) and Christine Lake (47 Wessex, Bristol B57 0DE England). Taffiles will be generally available to all those who donate to or show interest in TAFF. Or just ask. Or you may already be on my mailing list; that may explain the strange appearance of this publication in your mail box. The reason this issue has been published as an "in progress" publication, is that your North American administrator hasn't quite got the hang of her new Macintosh computer yet. This took her most of the week to do as she painstakingly used Taffiles to learn her lesson. Next time should be better. Watch your mail boxes for a complete and more polished version of Taffiles #3 with lists of voters and a financial statement. I promise.


Voting has been tabulated in the 1988 TAFF race, and the results are as follows:

Lillian Edwards & Christine Lake Martin Tudor Dave Wood Hold-over Funds Other Total
Europe 73 51 43 1 1 169
North America *63 16 11 2 0 92
Australia 6 4 0 0 1 11
Total 142 71 54 3 2 272

*Lillian Edwards and Christine Lake alone received 20% of all the first-place votes cast by North American voters.

Lillian Edwards and Christine Lake received a simple majority of the total votes cast on the very first count, with no redistribution of votes. Edwards and Lake's vote total came to 52% of all votes cast, winning them a landslide victory. They will be attending the 1988 Worldcon in New Orleans as TAFF delegates. Further travel plans are unknown at this point, but write them if you wish to invite them to visit your part of North American Fandom.

Congratulations Lillian and Christine, and thanks to Martin Tudor and Dave Wood for a race well run.

One reminder: the next TAFF race is coming up fast and potential TAFF candidates need to make their decision whether or not to run. The 1989 election will send a North American fan to England for Eastercon. The voting deadline will probably be sometime around January 1, 1989. And the deadline for the nomination process will probably be very soon after worldcon. These dates will be finalized when I speak to the new European TAFF team and we come to an agreement on this matter. However that discussion turns out, it's time to start thinking about the next race. Look around and think about who you'd like to see representing us in Britain next year.

The next, and real issue of Taffiles #3 will have a complete listing of the people who voted in the election (at least the North American end), a financial accounting, and more stuff, too. Maybe even a snazzy layout. I'll be mailing it out next week, I hope.

Jeanne Gomoll
27 April 1988