Taffiles 4


taffile (taf'-il) n. pl. -les
1. A repository, usually a manila folder, containing material related to TAFF.
2. A lover of TAFF-ish things. [Fannish]

This is Taffiles #4 and an Obsessive Press publication #95, the June 1988 issue of the newsletter of the Transatlantic Fan Fund, and it comes to you from the North American administrator, Jeanne Gomoll, Box 1443, Madison, WI 53701-1443, USA. Telephone number 608-255-9909. The European administrators are (jointly) Lillian Edwards and Christine Lake whose addresses are: (Lillian:) 1 Braehead Road, Thorntonhall, Glasgow, England, G74 5AQ. and (Christine:) 47 Wessex, Bristol, England B57 0DE. Taffiles is generally available to anyone who shows interest in TAFF.

Nominations Open for the 1989 NA->UK TAFF Race

Nominations are open for the next TAFF election and names will be accepted until the deadline, October 1, 1988. Ballots will be published immediately after the close of the nomination period and votes will be accepted until January 15, 1989.

Nominees must send me a signed statement to the effect that they promise to attend Eastercon (March 24-26, 1989) if they are elected as the TAFF delegate. They must also enclose a bond of $5.00. Each nominee is further required to write a platform of 100 words or less and to have five (5) nominees, three of which will be North American fans and two of which must be UK fans. One of these nominees may be a recognized fannish couple (instead of an individual fan). All of these must be received by me in person or at my address, by the deadline, October 1, 1988.

The winner of the 1989 TAFF race will travel to England for Eastercon, March 24-26, 989 as a representative of North American fandom.

Edwards and Lake are on their way

Lillian Edwards and Christine Lake are completing their travel plans now. Tentatively, they expect to arrive in New York City around August 17 and will spend a couple days there readjusting their watches. They will fly directly across the continent to Seattle and some time later fly south to San Fransisco. By the time Nolacon gets off to a start in New Orleans at the end of August the twin TAFF representatives will have arrived there-- whether by plane or train or hot air balloon, it is not known yet. After worldcon, they plan a Texan visit and then will return to New York for a visit before Lillian returns home. The official TAFF trip will end at that time, but Christine will be staying on and her husband Peter will be joining her and the two of them will backtrack across the US to visit a few places that were missed on the first pass. Like Madison, Wisconsin maybe? We here in Madelly hope so.

So What Happened to the TAFF Catalog?

J.G. Taff will be printed at the end of June and you'll probably be receiving your copy sometime in early July. I'm getting a little more comfortable about using the Macintosh now, and things are moving along more quickly now. However, because there is only about a 6 month period of some time before the next North American fan takes over the administration of the TAFF fund, the rules of the auction will probably be slightly different from those that Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden used for their auction. I'm going to streamline the process slightly.

But it's coming. It's coming.


Nomination deadline :
October 1, 1988.

Voting deadline :
January 15, 1989.