TAFF Ballot 1970


The Candidates:


Voting: TAFF uses the Australian Ballot, a vote counting system with a built-in run-off count, On the 1st "ballot", only 1st place votes are counted; then, if, of 100 votes four candidates get 40-30-20-10, the last one is dropped. and the 2nd choices of his 10 supporters become 1st place votes distributed between the remaining three candidates. This process is repeated until the leading candidate has over 50% of the vote, thus assuring a majority winner.

When voting, be sure to rank the candidates in the exact order in which you prefer them.

"Hold Over Funds": This choice, similar to a "No Award" vote in Hugo balloting, gives the voter an opportunity to vote for no TAFF trip in the event that either the candidates don't appeal to him, or he feels that TAFF should slow down its program of trips. If Hold Over prevails, funds will be held over for the next year.

Continuing Voting Rules: Under no circumstances may a fan vote more than once, or enter one candidate's name more than once on a ballot. Details of voting will be kept secret. Write-ins are permitted. No proxy votes are allowed; each voter must sign his own ballot.

Each candidate has promised that barring acts of God he will travel to the 28th World Science Fiction Convention in Heidelberg, Germany if elected. In addition, they have posted bond and provided signed nominations. Their platforms are on the reverse side of this sheet, along with the voting blanks.


Votes must reach TAFF administrators on or before July 31, 1970. Election results will be announced as soon after this date as possible.

To be eligible to vote you must contribute a minimum of five shillings (5/-d), or one dollar ($1.00) to the fund, and have been active in science fiction fandom prior to September, 1968. Contributions in excess of $1. will be cheerfully accepted.

Money orders or checks should be payable to the Administrator receiving your vote – not, please, to TAFF.

427 57th Street
Brooklyn, New York

75 Antonio Street
Bootle 20,

Reproductions of this form are authorized and encouraged, provided text is reproduced verbatim.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. Due to an idea of Eddie Jones, we've decided to hold a lottery after the election. Each voter will be assigned a number and a drawing will be held. There will be two drawings for both sides of the Atlantic; Eddie has donated one of his paintings for his lottery, and Jack Gaughan has kindly donated a painting of his for the U.S. drawing.


side 2:


CHARLIE BROWN: A fan well known in both America and Europe and active in many different aspects of fandom. Science Fiction? He's a long time reader and collector who can talk learnedly on books, magazines, authors and stories. Fanzines? He publishes LOCUS – one of the leading fanzines, and has produced over 50 issues on a regular basis. Conventions? He has attended 13 Worldcons, also regionals too numerous to list. He has served on convention committees, and chaired several conventions. Clubs? He's been active in many fan clubs. A real all around fan who speaks well in front of large audiences, writes well in reporter, serious and humorous styles, and handles a camera or tape recorder with excellent results. An ideal candidate, TAFF report writer and administrator. What more can you ask for?

Nominated by: Richard Bergeron, Joyce Fisher, Barbara Silverberg, Hans-Werner Heinrichs, and Pete Weston.

BILL ROTSLER: ROTSLER FOR TAFF? Why didn't we think of it sooner? The man is a natural to send overseas to the Heicon. He speaks well, is well-loved by all and sundry, is amiable, charming, sophisticated, and has a beard, mustache, long hair... so he'll not be considered an "Ugly American" over there; he'll be able to pass.

But, seriously, Bill Rotsler is a fine candidate and I nominate him without any hesitation. He will represent American fandom in Germany in excellent fashion. I understand he holds his liquor very well.

Bill has been a fan for more years than I can remember. He has contributed his artwork to more fanzines than anyone can count. Fans have only to ask and he responds with a batch of drawings and cartoons of marvelous humor and quality.

And the bonus to fandom for sending Bill Rotsler to the Heicon is obvious: a mind-boggling TAFF report combining his talents as a writer and cartoonist. It will be a fannish landmark.

Nominated by: F.M. Busby, Terry Carr, Richard Geis, Arthur Thomson, and Walt Willis.

ELLIOT SHORTER: Elliot Shorter certainly isn't... he stands taller. Always visible at a convention or fan gatherings due to his height and girth, with or without a guitar slung on his back. But the important thing about Elliot is that he is fun! Fun to talk with, sing with, get drunk with, turn a mimeo crank with. Elliot has been a great addition to fandom since he first started attending cons (most worldcons and east coast regionals since 1962, a number of Midwescons and Westercon 22). He has been Sergeant at Arms at Lunacons and at NYCon III, auctioneer at Lunacons, panelist at Boskones, art show judge at Westercon 22 and St. Louiscon. He has been chosen Parliamentarian for the 1971 Worldcon – Noreascon.

Elliot is an active member of many clubs. He was chairman of the Ways and Means Committee of the Eve. Sess. of City College of CUNY for 5 years. He is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Tolkien Society of America, Hyborean Legion, ESFA, Lunarians, Fanoclasts and NESFA. He has also participated in the publishing of ENGRAM, the HEICON FLYER, LOCUS and NIEKAS.

Elliot promises that, if elected, he will begin writing his TAFF REPORT on the day he is notified of the election.

Nominated by: Ginger Buchanan, Jack Gaughan, Bruce Pelz, John-Henri Holmberg and Waldemar Kumming.


(1st place) ___________________________________

(2nd place) ___________________________________

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If you think your name may not be known to the administrators (in order to qualify for voting), please give the name and address of a fan or fan group to whom you are known: