TAFF Ballot 1969


The candidates:



TAFF uses the Australian Ballot, a vote counting technique with a built-in run-off count: on the first "ballot" only first place votes are counted; then, if of 100 votes four candidates get 40-30-20-10, the last one is dropped and the second choices of his ten supporters become first place votes distributed between the remaining three candidates; this procedure is repeated until the leading candidate has over 50% of the vote, thus assuring a majority winner.

When voting, rank the candidates in the exact order in which you prefer them.

"Hold Over Funds": This choice, similar to a "No Award" vote in Hugo balloting, gives the voter the opportunity to vote for no Taff trip in the event that either the candidates don't appeal to him or he feels that TAFF should slow down on its program of trips. "Hold Over Funds" may be listed in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, just like any other candidate. If the majority vote is against sending a candidate this year, funds will be held over for the next election.

Continuing Voting Rules:

Under no circumstances may a fan vote more than once on a ballot. Details of voting will be kept secret. Write-in votes are permitted.

No proxy votes are allowed; each voter must sign his own ballot.

Each candidate has promised that barring acts of God he will travel to the St. Louis Convention on Labor Day, 1969, if elected. In addition, they have posted bond and provided signed nominations. Their platforms are on the reverse of this sheet, along with voting blanks.

Votes must reach TAFF Administrators on or before May 31, 1969. The result of the election will be announced as soon as possible after this date.

Owing to British Currency Regulations which make it difficult for Tom Schluck to collect money from the UK, British voters are requested to send their votes and money to Ethel Lindsay, who has kindly agreed to handle the British kitty.


Steve Stiles, 1809 Second Ave., NYC 10028, USA


Thomas Schluck, 3 Hannover, Georgswall 5, Germany.


Ethel Lindsay, Courage House, 6 Langley Avenue, Surbiton, Surrey, England

To be eligible to vote you must contribute a minimum of five shillings or one dollar to the Fund, and have been active in s.f. fandom prior to September, 1967. Contributions in excess of the minimum will be gratefully accepted, you bet. Money orders or checks should be payable to the Administrator -- not to TAFF.

side 2:


Eddie Jones

Knight Armourer of St. Fanthony, Hon. ex-chairman of LaSFaS, active member of the Liverpool Group, and British Fandom's Finest Artist, is highly eligible for TAFF. He's been illustrating fanzines since '55, pro-mags since '56... in England, Germany, U.S.A, and Australia... He's been to every British Convention of recent years, and twice attended German-cons; a very convivial type to have around, a good conversationalist and excellent company, with a wide knowledge of old and new s-f and fanac. As a photographer, antique weapon collector, model-maker, and tape- recordist, his interests are wide. And, although he likes to keep it secret, he is an excellent writer. An ADMIRABLE TAFF choice, the only Harrison Approved Candidate running or standing.

Nominated by: Eric Bentcliffe, Ethel Lindsay, Terry Jeeves, Gary Kluepfel, Ray Fisher, Dick Lupoff, and Rick Sneary.

Bob Shaw

Anyone who remembers Slant, Hyphen or The Enchanted Duplicator will know himself fortunate to be able at last to vote for Bob Shaw in TAFF. But fans who have never heard of these, or even missed Bob's later contributions, know that fandom still owes much to him for the inventiveness and originality which has been inspiring other fans for twenty years. In every good fanzine there is something of Bob Shaw. Now is fandom's chance to meet one of its all-time greats, heavily disguised as an unpretentious, easy-going and engaging character, in whose company life has a way of somehow becoming more interesting.

Nominated by: Ken Bulmer, Ella Parker, Arthur Thomson, Walt Willis, Doug Lovenstein, Bob Tucker, and Harry Warner Jr.


(first place)

(second place)

(third place)



I enclose the sum of ____ as a contribution to TAFF.

If you think your name may not be known to the administrators (in order to qualify for voting) please give here the name and address of a fan or fan group to whom you are known:

Reproductions of this form are authorized and encouraged, provided the wording is reproduced verbatim.