TAFF Talk 1

An official Transatlantic Fan Fund bulletin published by Peter Roberts, 38 Oakland Drive, Dawlish, Devon, UK. This issue distributed with Checkpoint. December 1977. Restormel Press Publication: 123.

Yes, I know it's rather late, but nonetheless I've now got the full list of European voters and final results of the 1977 TAFF race. Roy Tackett, the American administrator, has already published the American details in The 1977 TAFF Report. Herewith the full results:

Votes 1st UK US (2nd) UK US (3rd) UK US (4th) UK US
Peter Roberts 43 61 27 44 3 10 1 5
Terry Jeeves 35 54 27 50 4 10 10 3
Peter Presford 2 10 4 10 25 67 31 17
Hold Over Funds 0 2 17 12 35 21 14 64

The leading candidate received a majority of the votes, so second preferences were not called upon. Norman Shorrock received one write-in vote.

The following fans voted via Peter Weston, the European administrator. Many thanks to them and to all contributors to TAFF.

Ted Ball
Harry Bell
Ron Bennett
Eric Bentcliffe
Gerald Bishop
Graham Boak
Pamela Boal
John Brosnan
Ken Bulmer
Mary Burns (USA)
Ramsey Campbell
Graham Charnock
Pat Charnock
Arthur Cruttenden
Christine Edwards
Malcolm Edwards
Guido Eekhaut (Bel)
Graham England
David Flint
Chris Fowler
Keith Freeman
Wendy Freeman
David Griffin
Ray Harrison
Rob Jackson
Terry Jeeves
Vera Johnson
Eddie Jones
Marsha Jones
Tom Jones
Roy Kettle
Waldemar Kumming (Ger)
David Kyle
Ruth Kyle
Dave Langford
David Lewis
Ethel Lindsay
Jim Linwood
Marion Linwood
Hans Loose (Hol)
John Lowe
Peter Mabey
Jack Marsh
Ian Maule
Janice Maule
Richard McMahon
Mike Meara
Pat Meara
Joseph Nicholas
Peter Nicholls
Per Osterman (Swe)
Darroll Pardoe
Ro Pardoe
Bernie Peek
Tom Perry
Greg Pickersgill
John Piggott
Graham Poole
Chris Priest
Keith Richmond
Geoff Rippington
Doreen Rogers
Phil Rogers
Florence Russell
Bob Shaw
Ina Shorrock
Norman Shorrock
Paul Skelton
Kevin Smith
Steve Sneyd
Philip S.-Payne
Andrew Stephenson
John Steward
Lars Strandberg (Swe)
Brian Tawn
Dave Upton
Roger Waddington
Keith Walker
Simone Walsh
Don West

The next TAFF trip will bring an American fan over to the 1979 Worldcon in Brighton. Nominations open on October 1st and close on November 30th, 1978; ballots will then be issued and the voting period will last till Easter 1979.

Though it's still some way off, you might care to start thinking about potential candidates and the preliminaries to nominating them; several campaigns have already started and fans 'may be committing themselves to support candidates, even at this early stage. Prospective TAFF candidates must supply (to Roy Tackett, as American administrator): 1) three American and two European nominators; 2) a platform of 100 words or so: 3) a $5.00 bond; and 4) a written undertaking to attend the 1979 Worldcon, if elected (barring Acts of God).

My address (as European administrator) is in the colophon; Roy Tackett's (as American administrator) is: 915 Green Valley Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107. Let us know if you want any further information or help regarding TAFF.

Needless to say we're always in need of money and donations (whether from individuals, fan groups, conventions, or other organizations and events) are always welcome.

There'll be a TAFF auction at Skycon this Easter and if anyone has anything for it, I'd be grateful if they bring it along to the con, have it brought to the con, or (if it's fairly small) post it to me to take to the con. Anything can be sold, including fanzines, books, magazines, and fannish paraphernalia (packets of triffid seeds, old con photos, old con programme books, ancient fan poctsarcds, revealing letters, or what have you) and material can be donated or sold at a fixed or percentage price. I'll even auction off mundane objects -- records, books, potted plants as long as it'll make some money for TAFF. I've got some magazines, fanzines, & books of my own that I'll be selling off at Skycon; the rest is up to you. Thanks.

Meanwhile, in America, Joyce Scrivner (Apt AG3-3, Hatfield Village, Hatfield, PA l9440, USA) (215 368-4697) is collecting material for prospective TAFF auctions at forthcoming conventions (including Boskone, Disclave, Iguanacon, & Philcon). Joyce's plans are quite ambitious and I'd suggest that you contact her if you have any suitable material for auction.

Peter Roberts