The latest TAFF newsletter from European administrator Pam Wells, 24A Beech Road, Bowes Park, London, N11 2DA. (Phone 081-889-0401). This is the post-Novacon issue, dated November 1991.

Yes, the race is already well underway for an American delegate to come to the British National Convention (Illumination) next Easter in Blackpool. The candidates are Jeanne Bowman and Richard Brandt, and a copy of the ballot is enclosed with this newsletter. If you haven't yet voted, please use this form to do so. Completed ballots should be mailed to me so that they arrive by 15th January. If you have already voted, please pass this ballot form on to someone else. I still have a few copies of the campaign fanzine produced jointly by Jeanne and Richard -- 'We Came In Through the Taffroom Window': if you'd like one, let me know.

Thanks to the generosity of many Novacon members, I managed to raise the extremely gratifying total of £320-77 by auctioning a motley collection of books, fanzines, clothing, silly souvenirs and condoms. Thanks to Tony Berry, Bill Bodden, Jeanne Gomoll, Eva Hauser, Jerry Kaufman, Dave Langford, Spike Parsons, Kevin Smith, Richard Standage, Martin Tudor and anyone else I've forgotten for donations of material and/or helping me during the auction itself. Together with various financial donations and generous voting fees, the European fund currently stands at £1,322.55. But am I content to settle with this balance yet? No! I want to part even more of you from your money by starting the European TAFF Mail Auction and Direct Sales Extravaganza.

The first batch of items for sale are listed overleaf. Direct Sale items will go on a first come, first served basis. If two requests for the same item arrive on the same day, the one with the earlier postmark will win. If both have the same postmark, I'll flip a coin. This process will work for auction bids as well. For auction items, bidders will have three clear issues of TAFFERVESCENT in which to place their bids. The item will then be listed in a later issue with the name of the winner and eventual price paid. More first-time items will be included in each issue from now on, and I'll label first, second and third entries clearly to avoid any confusion. In any cases of dispute, my decision will be final. If you are sending money for a direct sale item and I have sold out, please state whether you would prefer an alternative or your money returned. All prices include UK P&P.

Right, that's enough rules for now. Turn the page to see the first batch of goodies on offer. As always, any offers of items for sale will be most welcome: please get in touch.

Former TAFF administrator Lilian Edwards is currently working on producing the TAFF Good Restaurant Guide. If you haven't done so yet, please write a review of your favourite local eating establishment (or one that is local to a fan group or convention location). Include such information as the name, address and phone number of the place, what kind of food they serve, what the prices are like, the atmosphere, etc. (Be particularly generous with the etc.) Lilian is hoping to publish this in the new year, so all contributions should be sent to her by 31st January at 2 Spring Valley Terrace, Morningside, Edinburgh, EH1O 4QD. Alternatively, you can enclose a restaurant review with your ballot form (before 15th January) and I'll pass it on to her. Please do support this venture to spread the word about good food (always a subject dear to my heart) and raise more dosh for TAFF. Copies of the Restaurant Guide will be available through me after publication: I'll keep you informed of further details as they happen.

The next TAFFERVESCENT will be out towards the end of January, with the results of the current race, your correspondence about TAFF in Europe, more auction items, and doubtless a few other bits and pieces as well. Some of you will be pleased to know that the first episode of my trip report has already appeared, in the form of a talk at Novacon. (Er, that does count, doesn't it?)

Auction Items: First Round

1. Set of GROSS ENCOUNTERS by Alan Dorey, issues 1 to 12 inclusive, plus 'Isaac Astral's Science Fiction Weekly'. Published between 1978 and 1984. Perhaps best described as on irreverent topical genzine with a wicked sense of humour. Minimum bid: £5 for the set.

2. Collection of 12 fanzines by Dave Bridges. Several issues of ONE OFF, some A4 and some smaller. BY DAVID, a handwritten A5 line with a wallpaper cover. A RAGGED TROUSERED PEDALCYCLlST, A5, typed with cord cover. Includes loads of wacky writing, cartoons, weird presentation, as only Dave Bridges could do. All from the 1970s, I think. Minimum bid: £5 for the set

3. Set of SMALL FRIENDLY DOG by Skel and Cas. Issues 15 to 23 inclusive, published between 1978 and 1983. A5, duplicated; personal anecdotal writing. All with Skel covers except issues 21 (Dan Steffan), 22 (Harry Bell) and 23 (ATom). EACH ISSUE TO BE SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. Minimum bid: £1 per issue. Please state clearly which issue you are bidding for. If you are bidding for more than one issue, list your bids separately to ovoid confusion.

4. GHAS issue 2 by Carol Gregory and John and Eve Harvey, September 1976. General interest fanzine containing on interview with Brian Stableford, fanzine reviews, articles by Andrew Tidmarsh and Jon Howard Finder. Back cover is a photo collage. A4 landscape, duplicated. Artwork by Coral Gregory. Minimum bid: £1.

5. INDIAN SCOUT 21, a fanzine 'from the Secret Bastards of Fandom, the Cretins, and the Red Army Choirboys'. Includes articles by Jim Gemmill, Ian Black, Bill Carlin, Jimmy Robertson, Dave Swinden, Phil Palmer, Alan Ferguson, Pete Lyon, Alan Gemmill and the late Sandy Brown. Undated, but probably early 1980s. Minimum bid: £1.

6. IZZARD 9, substantial genzine published in 1987 by Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hoyden. Contains some excellent fanwriting by people such as Terry Carr, Steve Stiles, Tom Whitmore, Greg Benford, Christopher Hatton, Ted White, Simon Ounsley, D West and Stu Shiffman, not to mention the editors themselves. Cover by Teresa Nielsen Hoyden and Stu Shiffman. An excellent example of the fannish genzine for those unfamiliar with the form. Minimum bid: £2.

7. The first mailing of FEAPA, the 'Fannish Elite Apa', March 1980. Contains contributions from Jim Barker, Mike Glicksohn, Robert Holdstock, Paul Kincaid, Dave Langford, Joseph Nicholas, Chris Priest, John Harvey, John Foyster and Peter Roberts, at least. There aren't many copies of this around. Minimum bid: £3.

8. Several issues of ZIMRI by Lisa Conesa. Issues 4,4 1/2 and 5 (1973), 6 (1974), 7 (1875) and 8 (1976). Nicely produced general interest fanzine, highly regarded in the 70s. EACH ISSUE TO BE SOLD SEPARATELY. Minimum bid: £2 per issue. Please state clearly which issue you are bidding for. If bidding for more than one issue, please list bids separately.

Direct Sale Items

1. BY BRITISH, on anthology of British fanwriting of the 1970s. Edited by Ian Maule and Joseph Nicholas. Contains articles by Roy Kettle, Kevin Smith, John Piggott, Graham Charnock, Dave Langford, Bob Show, John Brunner, Chris Priest, Andrew Stephenson, Rob Hansen and Robert Holdstock. Cover by Harry Bell, interior art by Jim Barker and Rob Hansen. £2.50 each.

2. MEXICON 2 -- THE FANZINE. Edited by Abigail Frost and Pam Wells, on A4 fanzine containing pieces by most of the MEXICON 2 committee: Abigail Frost, Colin Greenland, Christina Lake, Anne Page, Paul Kincaid, Linda Pickersgill, Maureen Porter and Pam Wells. All original work, not on anthology. £2 each.

3. Not a fanzine, but certainly fanzine-related memorabilia: the JON SINGER FAN CLUB membership package. Foolscap page comprises Jon Singer stand-up doll, fan club badge, membership cord and photo of the man himself. Produced in 1977 by Reed Waller and Fred Haskell. Black and white on white cord. £1 each.

4. THE ENCHANTED DUPLICATOR, April 1981 reprint of Arnie Katz and rich brown's third edition. Written by Walt Willis and Bob Show, with on-stencil illustrations by Ross Chamberlain. Published by Gory Farber in an unnumbered edition of approximately 300 copies. 5 copies available at £4 each.

5. THE INCOMPLEAT TERRY CARR, second edition, published by Jerry Kaufman on behalf of Corflu 5, March 1988. Edited by rich brown and Arnie Katz. 60pp American quarto. Contains 9 classic Carr articles. Cover by Steve Stiles, interior illustrations by Bill Rotsler. 3 copies available at £4 each.

6. INNUENDO 12, edited by Terry Carr and published in May 1980. Contains articles by Greg Benford and Calvin Demmon, Harry Warner Jr, Arnie Katz, Susan Wood, Elmer Perdue, Sidney Coleman, Tom Perry, Carol Carr and Carl Brandon. Art by Hannes Bok, Steve Stiles, Grant Canfield, Ronald Clyne, Lee Hoffman, Joy Kinney, William Rotsler, Dan Steffan, ATom and Cynthia Goldstone. 3 copies available at £4 each.

7. KAUFMAN COAST TO COAST. Jerry Kaufman's DUFF report from his trip to Australia in 1983. 50pp American Quarto. Published August 1988. 2 copies available at £4 each.

8. THE TRANSATLANTIC HEARING AID. Dave Langford's TAFF trip report, published in full in 1985. A5, 74pp, cord covers, professionally printed, artwork by Jim Barker, D West, Dan Steffan, Alexis Gilliland, Brad Foster, ATom, Stu Shiffman, Rob Hansen and Taral Wayne Macdonald. An example to us all. £2 each.

9. Electric Roneo 750 duplicator, offered for sale by Christina Lake and Peter-Fred Thompson. This is in good working order, with original stand, spore drum, instruction manual and 5 tubes of ink. Buyer must collect from Bristol. First offer over £70 will definitely be accepted, but we'll consider lower offers too. More details on request.