More TAFF news (but not a lot!) from European administrator Pam Wells, 24A Beech Road, Bowes Park, London, N11 2DA. (Phone 081-889-0401). This issue dated September 1991.

Yes, I've just returned from four weeks in America, and I had a wonderful time! As I write this, I'm still dealing with the effects of jet-lag, so detailed descriptions of my adventures must wait for a later date. (Indeed, if you'll be at Novacon, I'll be talking about some of my trip then ... do bring your questions, the nosier the better!). And in case you were wondering, I do intend to write a trip report; I've already promised a couple of instalments to enterprising faneditors. But I still consider my main priorities to be: raising the profile of TAFF on this side of the Atlantic, raising more cash for the European fund, and administering the next couple of elections. The first of these is to decide on the North American delegate to next year's Eastercon, and the candidates are Jeanne Bowman and Richard Brandt. Read their platforms on the enclosed ballot form, and please do use your vote! The deadline for receipt of all ballots is 15th January 1992. This is two weeks later than the previously published deadline, to cater for potential postal delays over the Christmas period. Any ballots received after that date will not be counted. Date of postmark is meaningless. Consider yourself duly warned!

The European TAFF coffers currently hold £1,120.94. Thanks to the generosity of those who made it to the TAFF/DUFF auction at Chicon V (a feat all the more remarkable since it wasn't included in the Pocket Programme Schedule, despite being an official programme item) we raised US$111 for TAFF, which I brought home with me for the European fund. My thanks especially go to Andrew Hooper for his assistance with this somewhat frantic endeavour! (Actually, it was great fun ... selling teabags and tube maps at a huge premium is something I never thought I'd be able to get away with!)

I plan to sell more strange stuff at Novacon, some of it specially acquired in America for its bizarre appeal (to me, at least). Bring your wallets! Bring your friends' wallets! (Feel free to bring items along for me to sell, too.)

Has winning TAFF turned me into a shameless moneygrabber? Why, sure it has! I want there to be plenty of money available for other people to make the trip, and to widen awareness of the fund. T here really is nothing else like taking a fan fund trip, and [want as many people as possible to be able to see what I mean. Everyone I spent time with in the States was very kind, hospitable, friendly, you name it. More people should have the chance to experience this excellent hospitality for themselves. I can't think of a better way of passing on my thanks, and sharing my pleasure.

After Novacon, I'll be producing a more lengthy issue of TAFFERVESCENT, in which I plan to start selling fanzines by mail: some by auction and some for a flat fee. If you have any zines you think people will pay money for, and are willing to donate them to TAFF, please get in touch. Conversely, if you are looking for particular fanzines, let me know what you're interested in and I'll do my best to track them down. Mail auctions and fanzine sales have been hugely successful in America; can we get them to work here too?

The other thing I don't want to lose sight of is the question I raised last time, and Christina Lake raised before me, about the role and profile of TAFF in Europe as a whole, as opposed to the UK in particular. To date, a grand total of no letters has reached me, though I believe that Christina has some responses she can pass on. Look, am I talking to myself here? Would you rather we talked about something else? Fair enough, but Let Me Know, OK.

And in the meantime, Get Voting!