Demi-TAFF Americain 4

Demi-TAFF Americain Vol. 1 #4 is a seriously over-caffeinated newsletter of North American TAFF administrator, Ulrika O'Brien. Dancing on the eve of the putative turn of the millennium, we bring you all the news you're fit to know while keeping all the Cool Stuff strictly secret as is the practice of the elitist swine of the World Dominating TAFF Cabal (there is no cabal). Watch out for black helicopters. Ulrika can be reached at 123 Melody Lane, Apartment C, Costa Mesa, CA 92627-7104, USA, and also at uaobrien[at]

Vol. -- 1 No.4 -- December 1999

TAFF Race 2000

You all knew I've been dying for a chance to use that title, didn't you? It's sad how casual I am to even the most transparent observer. Voting is now open in the Westbound 2000 TAFF race, from Europe to North America, with a field of three candidates to choose from. Standing this time out are Tommy Ferguson, Sue Mason, and Tobes Valois, a uniformly fun bunch of hopefuls. The winner will, barring Acts of God, travel to Chicon 2000, the 58th Worldcon, held in Chicago, IL, August 31-September 4, 2000. A ballot form is enclosed with this newsletter -- see the ballot for the individual platforms of each of the candidates. Please feel free to duplicate the ballot (verbatim) and disseminate it widely through fandom. Vote early and often! (Sure, go ahead. Vote often if you like. Only the last one received before the voting deadline will count, of course, but by all means change your mind as often as you like.) Voting deadline is May 6, 2000.

Do note that the minimum donation to accompany a valid ballot is $3.00 U.S. More will be gratefully accepted, as always. Special fawning performances available on request.

Race 1999

Balloting in the 1999 Eastbound TAFF race closed at midnight December 5, 1998. In a two headed contest between Sarah Prince and Velma J. Bowen, Vijay Bowen received a majority on the first round of ballots.

That decisive first round went as follows:

Bowen Prince Hold Over Funds No Preference
US 47 12 3 10
UK 8 3 2 6
Total 55 15 5 16

Those fans casting ballots with the American Administrator in the 1999 Westbound Race were, in ballot receipt order: Janice Murray, Harry Andruschak, Martin Morse Wooster, Rich McAllister, Michael Kingsley, Lucy Schmeidler, Judith Lazar, Roy Lavender, E.B. Frohvet, Catherine Mintz, Martha Beck, Janice Gelb, Arthur Hlavaty, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Alexis Gilliland, Bill Bowers, Robert Lichtman, Ian Hagemann, Michael Feldhusen, Linda Bushyager, Doug Faunt, Frank Denton, Ben Yalow, Diane Thome, Ariel Shattan, Dave Clark, Richard Brandt, Tracy Benton, Guy Lillian, Michael Bursten, Jerry Kaufman, Suzanne Thompkins, Rosemarie Krist, James Hudson, John Millard, Andy Porter, Jay Kinney, Gary Mattingly, Lyn McConchie, Amy Thomson, Craig Miller, Bill Bridget, Ruth Sachter, Bruce Pelz, Aahz Maruch, Dave Langford, Alan Rosenthal, Arthur Aldridge, Mark Richards, Vicki Rosenzweig, Edward Jacobowitz, George H. Wells, Barbara Haddad, Joyce Scrivner, George Flynn, Velma J. Bowen, Neil Rest, Sarah H. Prince, Hal O'Brien, Ulrika O'Brien, Cathy Doyle, Kip Williams, Randy Smith, Bill Bodden, Len Moffatt, June Moffatt, Mike Glyer, Kimberlee Marks Brown, Rick Foss, D. Potter.

Ballots received after the voting deadline: Spike Parsons, John Hertz.

The very alert will note that one of the 72 fans who cast their votes with the U.S. administrator was Briton Dave Langford. Tidily enough, one North American voted with Maureen Speller, thus there were 72 fans casting their votes in North America, and 72 North American fans voting in all, though not precisely the same 72.

Many thanks to all these kind and interested fen who voted and gave generously to the fund in casting their ballots.

New Wellsprings of Generosity

Previously unbeknownst to this humble correspondent, the radiant folks at FANAC -- Florida Association for Nucleation And Conventions, also of the Fanhistory Project fame -- have a standing bounty for newly completed trip reports in the style of that offered by the Southern California Institute for Fan Interests (SCIFI). FANAC offers $100 for each newly completed report, as I recently found out from Joe Siclari. Never one to turn down money for TAFF, I immediately offered up copies of the recently completed Martin Tudor and Ken Bulmer reports, and more recently sent away the newly finished Peter Roberts report, for a total of $300 promised to the fund. Many, many humble thanks to FANAC for their standing generosity, their sitting generosity, and whatever we can get as they're half-way up to fetch another cup of coffee as well.

Quintuple thanks are also due to SCIFI, for the $500 rendered promptly, cheerfully, and solvently, for the completed Roberts report. Ka-ching.

Speaking of Peter Roberts

Through the unflagging efforts of Dave Langford, tsk master extraordinary, his demon copyist Christopher Priest, the unsung heroism of countless untold transcribers, and of course the mighty Peter Roberts himself, the 1977 TAFF trip report, New Routes in America, is now collected, collated, and completed for your delectation and delight. Illos by Dan Steffan, Jim Barker, Stu Shiffman, D West, Steve Stiles, Pete Lyon, and Sue Mason. All available from this address for the merest $10 U.S. Buy now, act without thinking. Buy two -- they're exceedingly rare in the U.S.!

Still More Ways to Fleece the Willing

And here are a number of other goodies, new and old, available for the aspiring TAFF supporter. All prices include postage.

Glorious ruby-red TAFF t-shirts, keen Deco art supplied by Dan Steffan, in adult sizes M-XXL may be had for $12.00 U.S.

Fanthologies, etc.:

The Enchanted Duplicator ('83) -- $3.00
Illustrated by Dan Steffan

Fanthology '87 -- $6.00
Edited by Richard Brandt

Fanthology '89 -- $8.00
Edited by Andy Hooper

Fanthology '92 -- $8.00
Edited by Robert Lichtman (1 copy)

The Tudor Dynasty -- $6.00
Collected writings of Martin Tudor

TimeBytes -- 2 volumes -- $12.00
Fanhistory anthology edited by Lilian Edwards & Christina Lake

Trip Reports:

TAFF Tales -- Ken Bulmer -- $10.00
1955 -- previously unavailable final chapter now also available for the asking for those who already have the report

The Lindsay Report -- Ethel Lindsay -- $6.50
1962 -- Copies recently unearthed

New Routes in America -- Peter Roberts -- $10.00

On the TAFF Trail -- Rob Hansen -- $6.00

Have Bag, Will Travel -- Martin Tudor -- $8.00

Final Thanksgiving

Further thanks for kindnesses rendered are owed to Loscon 26, for providing support for the fan fund auction, Bruce Pelz for unfailing willingness to auction, and Janice Gelb for being an amazingly good sport. Recent individual donors are too numerous to mention individually in the space remaining but particularly of note for spontaneous generosity are Roy Tackett, John Hertz, and Terry Karney. Noted for their support even when called upon to provide patience and forbearance also are Robert Lichtman, Bill Bowers, and Joyce Scrivener. Geri Sullivan is merely the rock on which I build my church. Hal O'Brien continues to provide accounting services, ballot count vetting, record-keeping assistance, and far more patience than I deserve.