Demi-TAFF Americain (Build 3.01)

TAFF Race 2000

The Transatlantic Fan Fund is pleased to announce nominations are open for the next Westbound TAFF race, winner to represent European fandom at Chicon 2000, the 58th World Science Fiction Convention being held August 31st through September 4, 2000 in Chicago, Illinois, European fans wishing to stand for TAFF should post a 100-word platform and £10 bond to fund administrator Maureen Kincaid Speller, and ensure that a total of five written, signed nominations (3 European, and 2 North American), all reach her by not later than December 1, 1999.

Maureen Kincaid Speller
60 Bournemouth Road
Folkestone, Kent CT19 5AZ
United Kingdom

The next robust, full-bodied and fully hyper-caffeinated installment of Demi-TAFF Americain will be issued at the beginning of December, and include the announcement of the race and candidates, ballots for the race, plus sundry announcements and proclamations as befits a small but perfectly formed zine of its stature and time of life. Do Stay Tuned.

--Ulrika O'Brien, Redoubtable TAFFthingie
123 Melody Lane, #C
Costa Mesa, CA 92627