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1979 (N)

John Alderson

With your help this is going to be my first overseas convention. I am a faned and a fan-writer as well as an aspiring author with several published stories to my credit, and I have just finished a novel. Farmer by profession, interests in history, mythology and anthropology. Science fiction just comes naturally though living a long way from Melbourne has cut me off from much fan activity so I am better known by my writings. I am consequently a rural fan, a different, rare and very distinctive breed with a taste for wine and Yorkshire pudding.

Nominators: Pete Presford, Andrew Darlington, Marc Ortlieb, Lee Harding & Paul Stevens.

John Foyster

Attended Australian SF conventions since 1958: chairman of 1966 and 1971 conventions. Published many fanzines since 1961 including THE WILD COLONIAL BOY, SATURA/THE GRYPHON, EXPLODING MADONNA/THE JOURNAL OF OMPHALISTIC EPISTEMOLOGY. Coedited (with Edmonds) NORSTRILIAN NEWS and BOYS' OWN FANZINE. Guest edited AUSTRALIAN SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW and SF COMMENTARY. Member of SAPS (1962-1972), FAPA (1969-1972, 1976-), OMPA (1969), ANZAPA (on and off since 1968). Won Ditmar for best fanzine (1970) and best Australian SF (1973). Initiated DUFF (1972). Twice founded the Nova Mob. When backed into a corner about his SF criticism pleads guilty but insane. Dislikes motor cars.

Nominators: Christopher Priest, Peter Nicholls, John Bangsund, Carey Handfield & Robin Johnson.

Eric Lindsay

To Whom It May Concern,

This is to certify that Eric B Lindsay is full of GUFF. May he therefore be exiled back to the Old Dart and fed on water and bread as his ancestors were on the reciprocal journey before him. May he, moreover, be held up to Scorn and Ridicule and let his name be an Abomination and an Awful Warning. Here, but for the enlightened law of Transportation, is what Englishmen might have descended to.

He is guilty of Publishing Fanzines, writing LoCs, attending conventions, forgetting things, putting on conventions, writing articles, talking to fans, forgetting things, reading science fiction, using SR I, collecting books, forgetting things, attending parties, throwing parties, forgetting things and forgetting things.

Nominators: Terry Jeeves, Dave Rowe, Ken Ozanne, Keith Curtiss & Neville Angove.

1981 (S)

Malcolm Edwards

As Chris Priest has already been to Australia, Malcolm Edwards won't come as much of a shock. In any event, the similarity ends with their names. He once published a fanzine called Magic Pudding: there the ethnic case for your vote rests. You are left to support a man who, during a decade in fandom, has produced a number of excellent fanzines, including the best-ever issues of the BSFA organ Vector has been deeply involved in the organisation of two large conventions, including Seacon '79 (which was originally his idea); was a major contributor to and editor of the definitive Encyclopaedia of SF was Administrator of the Science Fiction Foundation before embarking upon a mildly unsuccessful freelance career; and has published more good critical work than you'd expect from meeting him, because it's as a friendly and entertaining drunkard at conventions that he really shines.

Nominators: Justin Ackroyd, Randal Flynn, Bruce Gillespie, Leroy Kettle and Peter Roberts.

Joseph Nicholas

Now pushing 27, Joseph Nicholas entered fandom in late 1974 and has since become something of a fixture on the modern British scene (most noticeably at late-night room-parties, where his tendency to fall asleep at crucial moments allows people to draw on him with felt pens -- but he'll be charging for this service in future, so watch it). Supposedly renowned for the incredibly long letters he writes to every fanzine he receives, he has in fact now largely abandoned this practice. in favour of (hopefully) more enduring articles about SF and fandom, and his own fanzine, Napalm in the Morning. A founder-member of the influential Surrey Limpwrists and currently Reviews Editor of the BSFA's serconzine Vector, he has achieved a certain notoriety for his "K Is For Knife" fanzine reviews in Ian Maule's Nabu and was (along with almost everyone else in British fandom) recently denounced by D. West -- but continues to enjoy talking, drinking, movies and rock music regardless.

Nominators: Leigh Edmonds, Dave Langford, Marc Ortlieb, Chris Priest and Bob Shaw.

1984 (N)

Justin Ackroyd

Poor but honest bookseller seeks further fannish education. Some fans claim I am one of Australia's cuddliest fans and my resemblance to a six foot teddybear is quite striking. Since entering fandom in 1976 I have chaired a national convention and been involved in others, usually as an auction convenor. I have had a brief stay in ANZAPA and am an assistant for Australian SF News. Present addictions include books, fanzines, auctions, conventions, hockey and sport spectating, Wales, whales, bears, castles and mountains, food, Irish Mist and J.M.W. Turner. Anyone who has survived six years working at Space Age Books can certainly use a break.

Nominators: Jack Herman, Perry Middlemiss & Helen Swift, Marc Ortlieb, Pete Presford, Bob Shaw.

Shayne McCormack

My fannish life condensed into 100 words. Well, I found fandom in 1969 through Star Trek, and went on to produce quite a few fanzines, including Forerunner, the clubzine of the Sydney Science Fiction Foundation, an organization of which I was President for a number of years. As well as socially being involved with SF, I also do it for a living -- I manage (haphazardly) Galaxy Bookshop, Sydney's SF specialist. I still enjoy media fandom through my artwork and writing, and have been on the committee of a few SF cons, including the 1983 National Con. FIAWOL holds true for me.

Nominators: Ron Clarke, Sue Clarke, Robin Johnson, Cas Skelton, Paul Skelton.

Jean Weber

Having discovered fandom at Aussiecon, Jean published a two-volume Fifth Anniverary fanzine in 1980, followed by a genzine, WeberWoman's Wrevenge, now three years old and appearing on a *ghasp* regular bi-monthly schedule. She has helped organise several conventions, despite a tendency to fall asleep at unfannishly early hours. She's never been to the U.K. or northern Europe, and promises a Trip report within a year of return. Is Weberwoman the wild sex maniac rumour suggests? a flaming feminist? a rum-guzzling recluse? a/l/l none of the above? Import Jean for a 4-week visit and find out -- if you dare.

Nominators: Christine & Derrick Ashby, John Bangsund, Eve Harvey, Joy Hibbert, Eric Lindsay.

Roger Weddall

Hey, am I seriously supposed to write something here that will convince all you lot to vote for me for GUFF? Okay -- how's this:

"I don't think you should vote for me just because I've had a hand in running all sorts of fun conventions, nor because I'm editor of Thyme and Lhyfe. I reckon you should vote for me because I'd have a bloody good time over there making lotsa new friends, sampling lotsa Brit brews, and just generally partying on as much as possible. Why not do the right thing -- vote for a nice fellow like me."

Nominators: Sally Beasley, Malcolm Edwards, Dave Langford, John Newman, John Packer.

1985 (S)

Eve Harvey

Any fandom that can produce Justin Ackroyd and persuade Joseph Nicholas to get married I just gotta see! But why should Aussie fandom want to meet me? Well, after 11 years in fandom, over 30 fanzines and 3 concoms (including Worldcon 1979), I eventually learned how to relax and have now perfected the art of propping up a con bar whilst simultaneously talking to anyone willing to listen. Hence I'm a typical British fan, but with the "get two for the price of one" special offer -- vote for me and you get John too! Finally, I'm hopeless at excuses so I'll have to do a trip report.

Nominated by: Jim Barker, Roelof Goudriaan, Jack Herman, Bob Shaw and Jean Weber.

John Jarrold

Well, yes, I like drinking. In fact, I like drinking quite a lot. I also like talking, partying and Fay Dunaway, not necessarily in that order. I've produced a dozen or so issues of my fanzine Prevert, various apazines, and been on the committee of Mexicon, of which you will have heard glowing reports, I'd like to meet all you Australians, and I think you ought to vote for me. I certainly would if I had the chance.

Nominated by: Leigh Edmonds, Dave Langford, Marc Ortlieb, Simon Ounsley and Sue Williams.

1987 (N) Irwin Hirsh

Valma Brown

I want to shout at Dave Langford and go to dinner as requested by Hazel Langford. I want to meet all those beaut British fans I missed at Aussiecon, see the ones I did meet and meet all the ones that Maggie wouldn't let out. I have a soft spot for British accents and because of this weakness Leigh Edmonds will be accompanying me to make sure I come back. I have been involved in fandom since 1971. I am currently co-editor of Fuck the Tories and co-publisher and boss of The Notional. I like conventions, fans and parties where I can talk to people. I love talking to people.

Nominators: Hazel Langford, Joseph Nicholas, Marilyn Pride, Yvonne Rousseau and Grant Stone.

Irwin Hirsh

Unbearded, and hatless at conventions, Irwin nevertheless possesses all the qualities to be a worthy fan fund winner and a fine administrator. In 9 years he has published 100+ fanzines, including Sikander, Thyme (with Andrew Brown), and for 6 apas and has been a member of 3 convention committees, including the running of a Worldcon film programme. His other interests include films, music, fine art, sports, fine food, and making good use of metropolitan transit systems as a way of discovering cities. A freelance assistant film editor, Irwin would like to be Australia's Steven Spielberg when he grows up.

Nominators: John Foyster, Carey Handfield, Dave Langford, Marc Ortlieb, and Arthur Thomson.

Jean Weber

Having discovered fandom at Aussiecon One, I have been publishing WeberWoman's Wrevenge since 1980. I am an enthusuastic apahack and book reviewer, an organiser of conventions until I learned better, have been Editor of ANZAPA for two years, and am suspected of a prurient interest in other people's personal relationships. I'm well-known for my feminist views, my (lack of) taste in rum, and my dislike of large groups (so why do I enjoy conventions?). How much of the above is true? Bring me to Conspiracy in 1987 and find out -- if you dare. (Trip report within one year.)

Nominators: Sally Beasley, Leanne Frahm, Joy Hibbert, Cath Ortlieb, and Sue Thomason.

1989 (S) Roelof Goudriaan

Roelof Goudriaan

There are not many people who will goodbye to their fanzines when putting them in the mailbox. Roelof does; but he's a sentimental guy. He has his heart in the right place, and that's all over the world. If it's anything he's known for, it's for think international. Right -- years ago he began A Foreign Fanzine in English, to let people know how the Dutch wrote, and things got worse. Today, he edits the European newsletter Shards of Babel. He's not too shy to be seen in person, being one of the people who helped to get Worldcon to the Netherlands. After testing out mutually clashing accents with Australian guests, he now thinks the time is right to imprint the European Continent on the Australian fannish frame of mind, and to let Australian grandeur saturate his entire being. So, if you want to find out how egg yolks mix with brandy; how many words the Dutch have for "canal"; how Roelof clings to his Pom accent while living with a Yankee; how many socks he has sent back to Down Under; why not vote Dutch? It's Goudriaan for GUFF.

Nominators: Marc Ortlieb, Jan Paul Smit, Pascal Thomas, Roger Weddall, Bridget Wilkinson.

Linda Pickersgill

Having learned to party from American fandom before moving on to pick up fanzine and conrunning skills in British fandom, I am now ready to explore habits of a third continent. I have the stamina necessary to be a first-rate tourist, a late-night party goer, a disco bop queen and a varied conversationalist. I also read science fiction. Most of me current fan writing is in the APA The Woman's Periodical or in other people's zines, though I have done my own Tiger Tea and have helped run Mexicons. Most recently I organised the fan activities at Conspiracy 87 where I bullied many an Australian.

Nominators: Justin Ackroyd, Andrew Brown, John Harvey, John Jarrold, Pam Wells.

1990 (N) Roman Orszanski

Larry Dunning

Born 14 days after Sputnik and raised in various points of the Galaxy but mostly in Perth, Larry works for the Bureau of Statistics producing Government fiction. His interests in mainstream SF, Comics, Games, Art, Films, Folk and Filk are famed if not infamous, and he has been involved in organised fandom since 1975. Larry has also produced several fanzines including Apocrypha (a genzine), The Phantom Zine (an APA) and Tau Ceti ( games zine). Known as a masseur and hug therapist, winning GUFF would enable Larry to write the best trip report since the Odyssey. Remember, Dunning is running!

Nominators: Terry Frost, Carey Handfield, Shirley Page, Grant Stone, and Pascal Thomas.

Mark Loney and Michelle Muijsert

As Michelle has yet to return from the trackless wastes of Northern Ontario (beome a computer programmer and see the world!), the task of drafting 100 words of deathless vote-winning prose has fallen to me alone. The obvious fanac to mention is The Space Wastrel but, I must admit guiltily, we haven't pubbed our ish since 1988. But we have both been fans since the seventies, both involved in running clubs, and conventions as well as pubbing fanzines and would love to meet as many of you as possible in Holland and the UK in 1990. Till then hopefully....

Nominators: Eve Harvey, Perry Middlemiss, Julian Warner, Roger Weddall, and Pam Wells.

Roman Orszanski

Bearded, baroque and bilingual bicyclist and broadcaster Roman has been producing small and curious fanzinessince '75, inspired by Aussiecon. He's hovered around conventions since, organising his own when necessary. Fond of talking, he's sometimes press-ganged onto panels -- but prefers parties, eating, and drinking. He produced The Stream-driven Flugelhorn, Australia's first audio-fanzine, and has launched several radio programmes (including ones on Film, SF and Media). His interests include jazz (modern), films (old, black & white), community radio and protecting rain-forests. An ardent greenie, he's campaigned on many environmental isues. His ambition: dance until dawn in the capitals of Europe.

Nominators: John Foyster, Judith Hanna, Joseph Nicholas, Marc Ortlieb, and Jean Weber.

1992 (S) Eva Hauser

Eva Hauser

I am a Czechoslovak fan, editor and writer. I write BIOPUNK stories which are (according to some people) disgusting. I like to write funny articles for fanzines. Unfortuately, I can't write anything funny in English. I am also very fond of discussion -- about society, the future, feminism, the environment, literarture etc.

Nominators: John Foyster, Jenny Glover, Ian Mackereth, Cyril Simsa, and Bridget Wilkinson.

Bridget Wilkinson

acquired a knowledge of European fandom through Fans Across The World, where she also learned to tie knots in red tape, and how to raise funds. She hasn't yet learned how to duck under the table fast enough, which is why she ended up becoming Treasurer of the European SF Society. Known from her FATW newsletter and Worlds Apart, her fan writing has made eratic appearances in requested places. She has been a member of The Woman's Periodical (an amateur press association) for several years. Having discovered how room parties run all over Europe, it's time to check out the Australians'.

Nominators: Justin Ackroyd, Pauona Braiter, Piotr Cholewa, Elzbieta Gepfer, and Roger Weddall.

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