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I Remember Me and Other Narratives

Walt Willis

Walt Willis’s nostalgic guided tour through his fannish correspondence, as collected in Warhoon #28 and the TAFF ebook The Harp Remembered, was continued in a series of columns written from 1998 to 2000 for the multi-Hugo-winning fanzine Mimosa, edited by Nicki and Rich Lynch. This PDF collection assembled by Rich Lynch brings together these pieces, plus a few classic reprints that were also included, and an appreciative introduction by Rich himself. Additionally there are Afterwords that record Mimosa readers’ responses to Walt’s writing.

Mimosa itself is archived here, together with the two-part A Mimosa Fanthology. I Remember Me and Other Narratives is also hosted on the Mimosa page at Fanac.org.

First published February 2021. Cover artwork by Charlie Williams. Added to the TAFF library with the kind permission of Rich Lynch on 8 November 2023. Approximately 26,500 words.