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The 4th but not yet final issue of Two Year TAFF-Life comes to you from Suzanne Tompkins, the 2005 TAFF delegate and now North American administrator, at PO Box 25075, Seattle, WA, 98165, USA, suzlet at aol dot com. Date: 1/25/08

And now for some news that many of you may have heard something about.


Chris Garcia won the 2008 NA to Europe TAFF race and is in the process of finalizing his plans to visit the UK. He reports that so far he is: arriving on March 15th and leaving on the 30th; traveling to various parts of the UK including Croydon on the 15th/16th, North London for the 17th /18th, and then to Eastercon. After the con, he is planning to visit fans in Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds.

Chris G. won on the first round by a clear majority of the first-place preference votes cast (62.94%) and was therefore declared the winner automatically with no need for further vote reallocation. There were 126 votes cast on the NA side and 54 in Europe.

Again, I would like to thank Mark Plummer for updating his truly wonderful Excel spreadsheet which makes tabulating the votes practically effortless.

Candidates Europe votes North America votes Rest of world votes (*) Total
Chris Barkley 0 13 0 13
Linda Deneroff 4 26 0 30
Chris Garcia 41 66 0 107
Christian McGuire 4 14 0 18
Hold Over Funds 0 2 0 2
No Preference 5 5 0 10
Total 54 126 0 (**) 180

Here are all the voters:

Abbott, Michael
Aldridge, Arthur
Austin, Margaret
Axler, Dave
Bacon, James
Barkley, Chris
Batty, Liz
Baum, Allan
Bell, Doug
Birkhead, Sheryl
Boal, Pamela
Bodley, Kate
Bond, Neil K
Bradshaw, Simon
Brialey, Claire
Brooks, Ned
Brown, Joni
Burns, Bill
Busby, Elinor
Byers, Randy
Calvert, Jack
Carpenter, Amy
Citrak, Michael
Clark, Dave
Coad, Rich
Cohen, Eli
Cox, Cardinal
Coxon, John
Crockett, Catherine
Dallman, John
Daly, Julia
Davies, Steve
Davour, Anna de
Guardiola, Susan
Deneroff, Linda
Denton, Frank
Deutsch Harrigan, Lisa
Dowd, Fran
Durocher III, Bruce
Easterbrook, Martin
Edwards, Sue
Feller, Tom
Ferguson, Tommy
Francis, Susan
Garcia, Chris

Gelb, Janice
Gilliland, Alexis
Glassner, Craig A.
Glicksohn, Mike
Glover, Don
Glover, Steve
Graham, Hank
Green, Ann
Green, Steve
Haldeman, Gay
Hanna, Judith
Hayes, Lisa
Headlong, Julian
Hertz, John
Hinz, Colin
Hlavaty, Arthur
Hole, Jr., Robert
Holmstrom, Anders
Holt, Marilyn
Hooper, Andy
Hooper, Joyce
Hooper, William E.
Hudson, Jim
Jackson, Robert
Johnson-Haddad, Barbara
Jones-Parker, Angela
Kaiser, Dwain
Katz, Arnie
Katz, Joyce
Kaufman, Jerry
Keen, Tony
Kinney, Jay
Klein-Lebbink, Tina
Lake, Christina
Langerderfer, Rob
Langford, Dave
Larsen, Conrad
Larsen, Jane
Leibowitz, Hope
Lerner, Fred
Lichtman, Robert
Lillian, Guy
Linwood, Jim
MacDonald, Andrew
MacGregor, Duncan

MacInerny, Mike
Malinowycz, Marci
Mann, Jim
Mann, Laurie
Marsden, Hayley
McGuff, Luke
McGuire, Christian
McLaughlin, Michael
McMurray, Pat
Moen, Rick
Moffatt, June
Moffatt, Len
Moore, John
Morgan, Cheryl
Moulton, Fred C.
Moyce, David
Nicholas, Joseph
Nielsen Hall, John
O'Brien, Hal
O'Brien, Ulrika
O'Neill, Dave
Organ Kean, Margaret
Orr, Jordan
Pelz, Elayne
Penney, Lloyd
Penney, Yvonne
Pickersgill, Catherine
Plummer, Mark
Porter, Andrew
Purcell, John
Redd, David
Rike, Dave
Robinson, Roger
Roche, Kevin
Root, Carrie
Rosin, Angela
Rowse, Yvonne
Sachter, Ruth
Saoirse Moen, Deirdre
Sapienza Jr., John
Sapienza, Peggy Rae
Schaefer, Kate
Schalles, Jeff
Schilling, Ben

Scott, Alison
Scott, Cindy
Scott, Donna
Shattan, Ariel
Sheffield, Mike
Sheriff, Espana
Shiffman, Stu
Sieler, Stan
Silver, Stephen
Smith, Craig
Smith, Nevenah
Smith, Randy
Sorensen, Ian
Spencer, Douglas
Standlee, Kevin
Stevens, Milt
Stiles, Elaine
Stiles, Steve
Stockdale, Ian
Strauss, Erwin S.
Sullivan, Geri
Sullivan, Peter
Taylor D'Allessio, Charlene
Thomson, Becky
Tompkins, Dave
Tompkins, Suzanne
Trembley, Andrew
Trojan, Bill
Tudor, Martin
Tutihasi, R. Laurraine
Valois, Tobes
Veal, Tom
Walls, Thom
Wells, George
Wenzelburger, Linda
Weston, Peter
Whates, Ian
White, Donya
Wilkinson, Peter
Wind, Clifford
Wooster, Martin
Wu, Frank
Yalow, Ben
Yule, Kate
Zakem, Joel

(*) As there was only one "rest of world' vote, it has been added to the NA count so as not to reveal the voter's preference.

(**) The administrators both found several valid ballots just after the original TAFF winner announcement was made which listed the vote total as 174. These ballots did not in any way affect the outcome, just the final percentages slightly. In both cases, the cause was traveling -- me to Orycon the weekend of the deadline and Bridget Bradshaw's relocation to Edinburgh.


My final newsletter will have a more complete rundown of income and expenses since September, 2007 prior to my handing the fund over to Chris.

As of today, there is $7,982.23 in the TAFF NA bank account after sending Chris $2,000 in January to get things rolling. He has started his own fund account and will no doubt report on this in his first official newsletter.

For all things TAFF, see Dave Langford's unofficial TAFF web site --