TAFF Talk 13

ALL CHANGE ISSUE • December 1982

Change of Address

The new address promised rsn in TAFF TALK 12, last June, has finally materialised. Here it is:


(That is, apparently, the correct way for foreigners to address letters to England: never mind the country, get the postcode right. British people don't need the 'England', of course...)

Change of Status

No longer can I [Kevin Smith] be called the TAFF 'delegate'. My TAFF trip has been and gone, and highly enjoyable it was too. Superb, in fact. (This is not my Trip Report, though it is the most I've put into print to date. The real Trip Report is cunningly encoded in my notebook and merely awaits the propitious hour to decode and transcribe it.) No, from now on I am a mere administrator. The thrill has gone, somehow.

Change of American

Voting is underway to select the 1983 TAFF delegate to come to Albacon 2 next Easter, as Fan Guest of Honour, and replace Stu Shiffman as North American administrator. Voting is nearly over, in fact, so hurry up and send your votes to me at once, now, immediately -- especially those of you who nominated someone and haven't yet voted for him or her. Bad form, that is; shocking bad form. The good form (for voting) is attached. Use it! Ignore the outmoded address shown for me (it will still work, but it will take longer), and pretend that where it says, 'This version produced by Dave Langford', it really says, 'This version produced by Kevin Smith'. I was standing over him when he fished out the old stencils and ran off another few hundred copies, after all.

Change of Subject

Immense thanks are due to Cosmos & Chaos, an American juggling act. During the Chicon IV masquerade intermission, this pair did their stuff (juggling bowling balls and things like that, and things unlike that too) and passed the hat in aid of TAFF and DUFF. They must have been good -- they raised almost $4,000! After being suitably staggered by the news, I thought nothing more about it, except maybe "Lucky Stu". In fact, definitely "Lucky Stu". So I was totally staggered when a cheque for $224.50 arrived, for TAFF's European funds. They had decided to split the cash four ways, not two, and include the non-American funds also, which I think is a splendid gesture. At today's exchange rate, $224.50 is about £140. Cosmos & Chaos are Steve Leigh and Ro Lutz-Nagey respectively, and the cheque was sent by Linda Lutz-Nagey. My great thanks to all three: I only wish I'd seen them...

The following folk have also contributed to TAFF in Europe by voting or otherwise:

Ian Watson, Phil Palmer, Chris Priest, Dave Langford, Jim White, Hazel Langford, Katie Hoare, Ted White, Dan Steffan, Moshe Feder, Gary Farber, Andy Porter, Rob Hansen, Nic Howard, Roelof Goudriaan, Bob Day, Darroll Pardoe, Ro Pardoe, Rob Jackson, Janice Maule, Tim Illingworth, Paul Kincaid, Jim Barker, Colin Fine, John Harvey, Judith Hanna, Harry Bell, Chris Atkinson, Joseph Nicholas, Brian Smith, Malcolm Edwards, Chris Suslowicz, Arnold Akien, D. West, Dermot Dobson, Joy Hibbert, lain Dickson, Eric Bentcliffe, Gerry Webb, Leroy Kettle, Abi Frost, Eve Harvey, Rob Holdstock, Chris Evans and Roz Kaveney. Thanks to all them, too.

TAFF funds in Europe now stand at £950.

Small Change

The report last time that Martin Hoare had donated One Belgian Franc, a coin of quite stunningly low value, obviously struck resonances with several of you. Katie Hoare (there's something there I can't quite put my finger on) produced $1 (Malaysian), 1 Punt (Irish, and worth less than a pint of Guinness) and DM2.50. Not to be outdone, Hazel Langford found 100 Pesos (Chile), Un Kip (Laos) and 25 somethings from Indonesia. Mark Greener joined in with 5 pfennigs. Finally, the excess change from a joint meal at a Chicago pizza place -- 14¢. I've little idea what some of these strange notes are worth, but they look very pretty.

Change of Issue

Next issue will have the voting results, including, naturally enough, the name of the successful candidate (there are no 'winners' in TAFF). It will also have a list of goodies for sale to raise further funds, and a piece of grovelling to solicit further goodies for sale. The grovelling could start now, actually. And Stu would like some stuff, too. Please.

Change of Year

There's just room to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

That's it. No space for anything else!

(What? What is this? The fool doesn't think he's on quarto, does he? Good grief!)