TAFF Talk 11

TAFF TALK 11 • the final Transatlantic Fan Fund bulletin from departing European administrator Dave Langford -- 22 Northumberland Avenue, Reading, Berks, RG2 7PW. Date: 19 April 1982. Circulated to TAFF voters listed below, and probably also distributed with ANSIBLE 26 in late May or June. Cartoon (displaying the incredibly hulking form of an ideal TAFF winner) by Jim Barker.

The North American administrator of TAFF is still Stu Shiffman, 19 Broadway Terrace (JD), New York, NY 10040, USA. The new European administrator is... but read on for the full and sordid facts, or most of them.

The 1981-82 TAFF Race: Results

After an orgy of telephoning between Reading and New York late on Saturday 17 April 1982, the final TAFF voting figures were found to be as follows:--

Rog Peyton 63 votes
Kevin Smith 80 votes
'Hold Over Funds' 15 votes
Brian Burgess 1 vote (write-in)

Congratulations, therefore, to Kevin, who will now be the TAFF delegate at the Chicago Worldcon late this summer. He also becomes European Administrator of TAFF, and takes charge of the kitty (£1084.06 as I type this -- revenue from Channelcon auctions not yet to hand). A word of good cheer, too, to Rog Peyton, who made this the most closely-fought TAFF race for some while -- good for you, Rog, and thanks as always for all the auctioning. Although I'll continue to sell odd TAFF fundraising items through Ansible, future TAFF correspondence (other than specific complaints about me, etc) should be addressed to Kevin at 10 Cleves Court, St Mark's Hill, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 4PS. (A move to Manchester impends.) Here's a slightly more detailed breakdown of the fIrst-place voting.

Peyton Smith H.O.F. No Pref Burgess Invalid Total
Europe 45 42 14 1 1 4 107
America 18 38 1 5 0 0 62
Total 63 80 15 6 1 4 169

Notes: (a) Since only 124 votes were cast in each of the two previous races, this indicates some increase of interest in TAFF. (b) The increase in Hold Over Funds voting on this side of the Atlantic is presumably ascribable to the great Pickersgill campaign... (c) The four invalid Euroballots were the result of three enthusiasts who voted twice, plus one fan who hadn't been around quite long enough (see ballot form). (d) It will he seen that Rog was just ahead in European voting though not overall. (e) Since 80 of the 159 first-place votes cast went to Kevin, his win was by a simple majority arid there was no need to count the second choIces of those who voted HOF in first place. (f) The 101 Euroballots (excluding write-ins, NP and invalid ballots) can be broken down as follows, in the format Peyton-Smith-HoF (so 2-1-3 indicates a vote for Smith first, Peyton second etc): 0-0-1 = 5 ballots, 0-1-0 = 3, 1-0-0 = 4, 1-0-2 = 4, 1-2-0 = 3, 1-2-3 = 30, 1-3-2 = 4, 2-1-3 = 29, 2-3-1 = 5, 3-1-2 = 10, 3-2-1 = 4.

The following people voted through the European administrator: thanks to all --

Arnold Akien
Brian Aldiss
Graham Ashley
Michael Ashley
Margaret Austin
Jim Barker
Paul Barnett
Harry Bell
Ron Bennett
Gerald Bishop
Allen Boyd-Newton
Pat Brown
Vernon Brown
Bill Burns
Mary Burns
Alan Cash
Geoff Cox
Neil Craig
John Dallman
Robert Day
Dermot Dobson
Perdita Dobson
Alan Dorey
Rochelle Dorey
Dick Downes
Roger Earnshaw
Bernard M. Earp
Martin Easterbrook
Malcolm Edwards
Helen Eling
Stan Eling
Graham England
Lionel Fanthorpe
Alan Ferguson
Colin Fine
Rune Forsgren
Keith Freeman
Dave Garnett
Steve Green
Mark Greener
Michael Hamilton
Rob Hansen
David A.Hardy
Harry Harrison
Eve Harvey
John Harvey
Martin Hoare
Nic Howard
Tim Illingworth
Rob Jackson
Graham James
Phil James
Eddie Jones
Marsha Jones
Roz Kaveney
Naveed Khan
Christina Lake
Bobbie Lamming
Hazel Langford
Chris Lewis
Ethel Lindsay
Ann Looker
Pete Lyon
Peter Mabey
Roy Macinski
Ian Maule
Janice Maule
Rod Milner
Chris Morgan
Pauline Morgan
Katie McAulay
Darroll Pardoe
Ro Pardoe
Celia Parsons
Arline Peyton
Greg Pickersgill
Linda Pickersgill
Andrew Porter
Dai Price
Chris Priest
Dave Raggett
Roger Robinson
Mic Rogers
Marcus Rowland
Nick Shears
Brian Smith
Tim Stannard
Andrew Stephenson
Malcolm Thorpe
Margaret Thorpe
Paul Turner
Marian van der Voort
Richard van der Voort
Ashley Watkins
Taral Wayne
Owen Whiteoak
Kev Williams
Suzie Williams

Many thanks to those (the majority) who gave more than the 50p minimum, and furthermore to Lilian Edwards, Bobbie Gray, R.T.Bean, Geogre Bondar, Yorcon II, Novacon, Simon Bostock, Vincent G.Hardy, Helen McNabb, Reg Palmer, Chris Hughes, Gwen Funnell, Ian Goffin, Tom Olander, the BSFA, Roelof Goudriaan, Kev Easthope, Philippa Grove-Stephenson, Adam Jefford, David Power, Reg Palmer, Jon & Joni Stopa, Wilcon, Andy Richards, Richard Kennaway, Martin Morse Wooster, Alvin Wild, Mal Ashworth, Allan Lloyd, Joyce Scrivner, Dick Bergeron, Mary Gentle, Vine Clarke, Ian Abrahams, Cymrucon, Novacon, 'Barker To Boston', Jan Howard Finder, Julian Ransom, Richard Allen, Dave Collins, Jeromy Crampton, Peter Nicholls, Keith Marsland, R.I.Barycz, Kim Huett, Jim Darroch, Joyce Hughes and other benefactors...