[June 2004]

Thank you all for voting in the TAFF race. We had an outstanding number of votes this year, and it was a hard fought race, between worthy candidates who are both good friends of mine. The results are as follows:

Hold Over
European Results 90 59 6
North American Results 22 23 13 1
TOTAL 112 82 19 1

Congratulations to James and commiserations to Anders.

And now a word (or several) from our winner:

I feel very proud to have won the TAFF election, and at the same time very humbled.I have a serious task ahead, and I hope to let down neither those who voted for me nor those who have gone before me.

I was pretty sure Anders would win, and am still in a state of shock.

I shall make no promises, but I understand that a TAFF report is part of the deal, I shall do my best.

Meanwhile, in return for your vote, I would like suggestions of things people would like to see me do, while stateside, and I shall do my best to complete whatever tasks are set for me, within reason.

Many thanks to you all.

Your humble TAFF delegate,

James Bacon

In closing I would like to thank Randy and, as always, Max.

Tobes Valois