20 March 2004

Hi, you are receiving this newsletter because you voted in the last TAFF race and sent your votes to the European Administrator (me).

This is just a (very) short update on the current race. Both candidates eventually got their nominations and platforms in, slightly later than they should have been, which is why this is going out about a fortnight later than originally intended.

Anyway, everything is in place now, and I am very pleased to announce that our two candidates are James Bacon and Anders Holmstrom. I enclose a copy of the ballot for this year, and a copy is also available at: http://taff.org.uk/ballots/taff2004.html, and a printer friendly version at http://www.hawkida.com/T2004.Pdf ... copies will soon also be available in Irish Gaelic and Swedish.

We have two excellent candidates this year and I know that for many of you choosing one over the other will be a tough choice. If you can't, well, that's what No Preference is there for; the important thing is that you send TAFF money.

On the subject of money, just to keep people informed the European TAFF funds currently stand at: £2,613.84.

I am currently in the process of setting up foreign currency accounts in Swedish Kroner and Euros, so that I can pay in cheques at no charge. Making TAFF more European, something I've always been very much in favour of, also makes it more complicated. The sooner the UK and Sweden switch to Euros the better in my opinion.

Finally I would like to thank the candidates, their nominators and especially Max whose help has been invaluable.