The Northern Guffblower: 8

February 1981

news of GUFF from the UK Administrator, Bob Jackson, 8 Lavender Rd., West Ewell, Epsom, Surrey KT19 9EB.

Voting has now closed in the 1981 Get Under Fan Fund to take a British fan to Australia for Advention '81, the Australian National SF Convention in Adelaide in June. First place votes were as follows:

United Kingdom Australia Total
Malcolm Edwards 16 8 24
Joseph Nicholas 35 12 47
Hold Over Funds 2 - 2
Platform 5 Waterloo * 1 - 1
Surrey Limpwrists * 1 - 1
Blue Streak * 1 - 1
Totals 56 20 76

* Write-in votes

(A postal strike in Australia may have held up a few votes on their way to John Foyster, the Australian Administrator, but the result -- 47 votes to 24 -- is clearcut enough that those votes are very unlikely to affect the result significantly.)

Joseph Nicholas is thus the first southbound winner of GUFF, and is even now planning his trip. Congratulations to him, and commiserations to Malcolm Edwards, the gallant loser.

My thanks to the candidates for their hard work, and to all those who voted or have contributed in other ways to make this second GUFF trip successful.

The following fans from various corners of the globe voted through me as UK Administrator:

Arnold Akien
Michael Ashley
Chris Atkinson
Pat Brown
Vernon Brown
Geoff Cox
Arthur Cruttenden
Mike Damesick
Robert Day
Martin Easterbrook
Helen Eling
Stan Eling
Jerry Elsmore
Graham England
John Fairey
Colin Fine
Al Fitzpatrick
Randal Flynn
Rune Forsgren

Donald Franson
Roelof Goudriaan
Steve Green
John Harvey
Rob Hansen
Martin Hoare
Linda Hutchinson
Mike Hutchinson
Coral Jackson
Graham James
Philip James
Linda Karrh
Paul Kincaid
Dave Langford
Hazel Langford
Chris Lewis
John Lowe
Hugh Mascetti
Ian Maule

Janice Maule
Chris Morgan
Pauline Morgan
Keith Oborn
Krystyna Oborn
Simon Ounsley
Rosemary Pardoe
Celia Parsons
Roger Peyton
Greg Pickersgill
Chris Priest
Geoff Rippingfcon
Mike Scott Rohan
Brian Smith
Kevin Smith
Phil Stephensen-Payne
Andrew Stephenson
Gerry Webb

My thanks also to the following people for generosity in donations well above the minimum, selling things at auctions, buying things at auctions, publicity, or other fund-raising activities beyond the call of duty:

Michael Ashley
Graham & Pat Charnock
Jerry Elsmore
John Fairey
Rune Forsgren
Roelof Goudriaan

Graham James
Dave Langford
Novacon 9 committee
Novacon 10 committee
Simon Ounsley
Roger Peyton

Chris Priest
Kevin Smith
Phil Stephensen-Payne
Sue Williams
Yorcon II committee
(in advance)

Money: The British GUFFund currently stands at £611.50, including interest earned up to November 1980. (Most if not all of this will of course be used up in financing Joe Nicholas's trip.) The Australian fund stands at $576.41 as of February 15th.

More Money: Further trips are planned, of course. With the Australian bid for the 1983 Worldcon in the offing, it seems sensible to plan for a further southbound trip in 1983, in which case we should aim if possible for an Australian visitor to the 1982 British Eastercon.

Which means more fundraising activity.

Both here and in Australia, auction material has been gathered and is due to be auctioned, which should help finance a future northbound trip. We already have a modicum of Good Stuff, some left over from the Novacon 10 auction because of lack of time; but air trips from here to Australia tend to be expensive (you don't say....), so we need more material to auction, as much as possible.

With what is already gathered as well as possible future donations, the GUFF auction at Yorcon II promises to be a really worthwhile event. Don't forget to come along and support GUFF.

Also available: The Best of the Bushel (£1.10); The Eastercon Speeches (£1.00); Mayas 14 & 15 (50p each); Other Places, Other Times (£1.00); for descriptions see The Northern Guffblower 7. Prices are post free; l0p less per copy for in-person sales. Get them at Yorcon II.

Next issue of this august organ to be edited by Joseph Nicholas.

Rob Jackson, 23 Feb. '81.

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