The Northern Guffblower: 4

May 1979

yet another GUFF newsletter from Dave Langford, 22 Northumberland Avenue, Reading, Berks. RG2 7PW, UK. In fact, this could be the last one. May 1979.

Foyster Wins: According to my figures the voting went as follows...

UK and USA Australia Total
John Alderson 6 38 44
John Foyster 8 57 65
Eric Lindsay 9 9 18
23 104 127

Thus John Foyster is GUFF winner by a simple majority. Congratulations, John. I received late ballots (from Dennis Lien and James Patrick Owen Fleming) , but the result would not have been affected by these. UK/US fans wondering at one candidate's low score should know that in Gegenschein 36, Eric Lindsay asked fans not to vote for him.

Benefactors: Thanks to the generosity of voters and others, and of course the almost superhuman rapacity of the administrators, GUFF is doing pretty well. I have more than £310.00 in the kitty here, while Leigh claims to be fondling a little over $1080 (Australian). More contributions will still be welcome (to cover emergencies etc.), but GUFF's successful operation this year seems assured.

The 23 fans who sent both votes and contributions through me are: Judy Blish, Joanne Burger, Derek Carter, Geoff Cox, Carolyn Doyle, Graham England, Jan Howard Finder, Al Fitzpatrick, Rune Forsgren, Margaret Gemignani, Mike Glicksohn, Rob Jackson, Terry Jeeves, Janice Maule, Joseph Nicholas, Peter Nicholls, Celia Parsons, Chris Priest, Dave Rowe, Joyce Scrivner, Andrew Stephenson, Roger Waddington and Peter Weston. Plus, of course, the late voters mentioned above.

More money came from buyers of Things in aid of GUFF: Keith Freeman, Alan Dorey, Mike & Linda Hutchinson, Leonard Kirkup, John Stewart, John Shire, Andy Richards, Philip C. James and others either anonymous or listed above. At Yorcon we did well in auctions etc., and the Gonad boxed set was a sellout; fanzines sold in aid of GUFF came from John Alderson (Chao), Kev Smith (Dot) and Paul Ryan (Orion Express). No copies of "Up The Conjunction" as previously advertised remain; we still have Drilkjis 3 with the text of this Bob Shaw talk available at 40p, and you can get it signed at Seacon.

I also have a large number of books and fanzines which were not (through lack of time) auctioned at Yorcon, including many copies of Analog and such; if interest is expressed, I'll be producing a list for circulation to a select group of collectors (ie. anyone I can think of).

Bye-Bye For Now: There's not a lot more to be said. John Foyster, barring acts of gods or governments, will be over for us to marvel at at Seacon; I hope everyone will give him a good time. On his behalf and that of both administrators, I thank everybody who has contributed money, time and/or effort towards making GUFF a success. For the future... well, perhaps GUFF will be running the other way, to Australia In '83.

The rest of this issue consisted of the unrelated ...

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