The Northern Guffblower: 10

June 1982

From GUFF's UK administrator, Joseph Nicholas (Room 9, 94 St George's Square, Pimlico, London SW1Y 3QY), and printed by kindly Dave Langford for distribution with Ansible 26.

It's been some time since the previous issue (it was mailed out with Ansible 20 in August 1981), but... As you know, GUFF (the Get Up-&-0ver Fan Fund) did not bring an antipodean to Britain for Channelcon due to the fact that there simply wasn't enough time, between my return from Australia in June 1981 and Channelcon itself, to get it all organised. People were interested in standing, said John Foyster (the Australian administrator), but needed more time to campaign and plan the trip. So we put it back to this year, and are. now working out a sensible schedule of deadlines for nominations, etc,? the Official Announcement of same will be made shortly, but in the meantime I can reveal that we already have one firm candidate, whose identity will be disclosed at the appropriate time,

I want to take this opportunity, however, to acknowledge, with grateful thanks, those who have contributed to the fund since the previous issue appeared. In addition to the many who bought stuff at convention auctions, and are thus unknown to me, they are as follows: Pascal Thomas, Naveed Khan, Andy Richards, Owen Whiteoak, Keith Marsland, Roger Earnshaw, John Dallman and Jim Barker (who split the unused "Barker to Boston" fund between GUFF and TAFF), plus donations of £25 from Yorcon 2, £50 from Novacon 11, and a whopping £100 from Channelcon, This has lifted the UK end of the Fund to a grand total of £472.25 -- at 1981 prices, close to five-sixths of the basic ticket cost, which is substantially more than I'd expected to raise in so short a time. Once again, my grateful thanks to you all.

From Chris Lewis, I've also received a large bundle of assorted fanzines for sale on behalf of the Fund, A selection is listed below; the prices include postage. First come, first served,

Perfidious Albion 8, ed. C. H. Vasey & J. G. Barnard; Ethil The Frog 9, 10, 15, ed. John Piggott; Megalomania 10, ed. Chris Tringham; Europa 10/11 and Signal 96, 98, 99, 100, 101, 104, ed. John Mansfield - -- various gamezines, £0.75 the lot.
Erg 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, ed. Terry Jeeves - -- £0.75
The Works 1, 2, ed. Dave Locke; Yandro 250, ed. Buck & Juanita Coulson; Xenium 12, ed. Mike Glicksohn; Boonfark 3, 4, ed. Dan Steffan; Quark 14, ed, Tom Perry -- various US fanzines, £1,00 the lot
Cygnus 1, 2, 3, 4, ed, David Patterson -- short-lived Northern Ireland fanzine, the fourth featuring a piece by yours truly} £0.60
Spi 1, 2, 3, 4 and Grapo 1, 2, 3, ed. Graham Poole (remember him? got me into fandom, he did, but is no longer around to answer for it) -- £0,60
Fission Chips 1, 2, ed. Tom Cardy; Paradox 1, 2, ed. Rex Thompson; The Warp 19, Southern Fanzine Review 1, Shadowfax 3 and Tanjent 11, all ed. Greg Hills -- various Hew Zealand fanzines, very pretty stamps; £0.75
Inverted Ear Trumpet 4 and Chandeliers & Candelabras 1, 2, ed. Richard McMahon (a post-SFM fan who, like most such, is no longer around) -- 40p

A further list will appear in due course, I also have numerous books to dispose of, mostly paperbacks culled from my collection in anticipation of a possible move later this year; an SAE to me at the above address will secure an extensive list. (Reasonable prices! Order now!)