You are reading TAFF DOOR No. 4, a newsletter for the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund published in September 1991 by the North American Administrator, Robert Lichtman, P. O. Box 30, Glen Ellen, CA 95442 USA. Circulation this issue about 650, mostly in North America. TAFF DOOR No. 5, my final issue, will appear in late January 1992. It will announce the results of the 1992 TAFF election, provide a look at TAFF's finances, and wrap up all outstanding mail auctions. It will be sent to voters, participants in the auction and other TAFF fund raisers, and anyone sending a long SASE. [Artwork by Jean Young]

Extended Voting Deadline: January 15, 1992

In order to foster more participation, and because both Pam and I will be putting out ballots a bit later than the September 6th announced availability, the deadline by which votes must reach an administrator to be counted has been pushed forward, as above. Your vote is important! Please take time to read the ballot and express your preference.

Results of Second Round

1. A Collection of Fannish Buttons goes to Fred Galvin, whose $40 bid topped a $35 bid received from David L. Russell.

2. MOTA No. 25 will have a new home with Craig Smith, who made a $5 bid.

3. DIASPAR No. 22 has been won by Gary Ferguson with his $5 bid.

4. GILGAMESH No. 44 also goes to Gary Ferguson, who offered $7 for this scarce Terry Carr fanzine.

7. GILGAMESH No. 66's successful bidder is Richard Brandt, who put up $5.00.

A. ANSIBLE, a complete set of all 50 issues, was the object of a highly spirited competition from which David Clark emerged victorious with a $130 winning bid.

B. A scarce hardcover copy of Robert Bloch's The Eighth Stage of Fandom has been won by erstwhile ANSIBLE editor Dave Langford with a $100 bid.

C. FOULER No. 7, legendary Ratfanzine from '70s, won by Craig Smith for his $18 bid.

D. The Incompleat Terry Carr Volume 1 has been won by Nigel Rowe for $15.

F. TANDEM No. 1 goes to Gary Ferguson, who made a $14 bid.

G. FOCAL POINT No. 12.5, the special Bob Shaw issue, has been won by Craig Smith with his $21 bid.

Several items for which no bids were received have been withdrawn for now. Individual winners above are being contacted directly. Congratulations to all and thanks to those who participated.

Round Three Continues

These items were first offered in TAFF DOOR #3. Descriptions are reprinted below, along with all bids received so far. The leading bidder and bid for each item appears in boldface:

H. The Roots of Fantasy: Myth, Folklore & Archetype: The Book of World Fantasy Con, Seattle 1989. A still shrink-wrapped copy is available, as well as a second copy which has been opened but is still in near-mint condition. This elaborate production (designed by John D. Berry: 8½ x 11 trade paperback, 140 pages on good paper with heavy covers, perfectbound) exists in an edition of only 1,000 copies, most of which went to members of the 1989 WFC. Contributors include: Ginjer Buchanan, Suzanne Tompkins with Jerry Kaufman, Gene Wolfe, Vonda McIntyre, Joe R. Lansdale, Debbie Notkin, Kris Demian, Avram Davidson, Ursula LeGuin, Robert McCammon, S. P. Somtow, Terry Pratchett, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, M. J. Engh, Greg Bear, Sharon Baker, Karen Jay Fowler, and Bruce Taylor. Color cover artwork (and some black and white interiors) by artist guest of honor Yoshitaka Amano. In my opinion, a superbly produced volume. Top bidder at the end of this auction gets the shrinkwrapped copy, while the runner-up gets the other one. Minimum bid is $25. Richard Brandt has bid this amount.

I. A nearly complete run of GRANFALLOON, a fanzine which evolved into one of the above average genzines of its era, comprising over 3½ inches of (mostly) Twiltone. First issue appeared in January 1968 and the 20th in July 1976. I don't believe the magazine went on past No. 20. No. 17 is the only issue missing from this run. All are in good condition. The original editorial team was Linda Eyster, who later became Linda Bushyager, and Suzanne Tompkins, who was Suzle even then. Suzle dropped out after six issues and Linda carried on. Besides the editors, contributions over the years included Jerry Kaufman, Ginjer Buchanan, Richard Delap, Frank Lunney, Michael Gilbert, Damon Knight, Arnie Katz, Fred Haskell, Bob Tucker, Bill Bowers (in his secret identity as a fan artist), Piers Anthony, Alexis Gilliland, Jack Gaughan, Bill Danner, Roger Zelazny, Robert Silverberg, Sandra Miesel, Harry Warner Jr., Don D'Ammassa, John D. Berry, Mike Glicksohn, Andrew Offutt, Ted White, David Emerson, Ted Pauls, Donald Keller, Mae Strelkov, Peter Roberts, Alan Stewart and Susan Wood, many of them with more than one appearance. Content is pretty balanced between fannish and science-fictional concerns. Lively letter column. A good representative of its era. No one has bid on this set which was offered at a minimum bid of $25, so I am lowering the minimum to $20. Any takers?

J. WHIMSEY No. 1, August 1983, 15 pages. The premier issue of Jeanne Gomoll's perzine. In this issue, Jeanne introduces herself and also describes her then-current abode. She writes about why she happened to publish a book of Carl Brandon's faan-fiction parody, Cacher of the Rye, some of the flak she took over her decision and subsequent act of publishing, and presents a few letters of comment received on it. Also writes on convention programming, with particular attention paid to WisCon, and reviews Carl Brandon's play, A Filker on the Roof. Minimum bid: $4. David Clark, Hope Kiefer & Craig Smith each with $6. David L. Russell, $8. David Clark, $10.

K. WHIMSEY, December 1983, 18 pages. In this issue Jeanne writes on loccing comic books, reviews a few fanzines at some length and with insight, writes about confusing people by appearing together with Spike (her 16-year-old twin sister), moving, her new house (complete with detailed floor plans), working out, reactions to "The Day After" (a 1983 TV movie about post-atomic war), and presents a variety of interesting letters on the first issue. Minimum bid: $4. Hope Kiefer has offered $5.

L. HARLOT No. 3, March 1982, 48 pages, Twiltone except for the offset cover, edited by Avedon Carol and Anne Laurie Logan. Anne Laurie laments the then-current sad state of stf book editing, with examples, while Avedon discusses the decline of literacy in fandom and the sf-author-as-star syndrome. But most engaging article is Gerri Balter's "Young and Pretty," which explores some men's apparent preference for young and pretty women over ones with personality and intelligence, not to mention compatibility. Balter interviews 30 women and 10 men, and presents many of their comments here. Pat Mueller writes about what makes things work and various people's interest or lack of same in such matters. 1982 TAFF winner Kevin Smith provides a brief self-interview. Anne Laurie is joined by Don D'Ammassa and Marty Siegrist in a book review section. Lively letter column. Minimum bid: $5. Vicki Rosenzweig, $5. Craig Smith, $6.

M. HOLIER THAN THOU No. 20, October 1984, 114 pages, published by Marty Cantor. This now-defunct fanzine was never known for consistent excellence --- rather, for size and diversity of content. Issue leads off with an excellent 11 x 17 inch fold-out litho cover of alien orgy contributed by Brad Foster. A highlight of this issue is Chapter 2 of Harry Warner Jr.'s fannish autobiography, "All My Yesterdays." Terry Carr's "Entropy Reprints" column presents an old fannish classic, "After The Atom: Some Fannish Memoirs" by Joe Kennedy. Richard Bergeron presents the first of a series of "Fangdom" columns; in this one he carries on his TAFF wars with his usual zeal (gak!). Mike Glyer reviews fanzines; other contributors include Richard Weinstock on police brutality, English John Berry with the concluding installment of "The Limey Run" (a trip report about his 1959 visit to the U.S.), and Lee Hoffman with a brief description of how her interests in fandom have changed over the years. Enormous lettercol. Marty editorializes here and there throughout the issue. Minimum bid: $5. Craig Smith has made a $5 bid.

N. HOLIER THAN THOU No. 21, Spring 1985, 126 pages. Sports a multi-colored front cover by Bergeron. Harry Warner Jr. continues his "All My Yesterdays" autobiography, while Terry Carr's "Entropy Reprints" presents "Dogs," an amusing article by Bob Leman. Milt Stevens responds to Weinstock's article on police brutality; Milt is an L. A. cop himself, which makes the response all that more worth checking out. Glyer reviews more fanzines; Skel contributes a long rambling column. Eric Mayer begins a column mixing personal reminiscences with fannish observations. There are two letter columns this time: the regular one and one concentrating on responses to Bergeron's column in the previous issue, including a cogent 12-page letter from Ted White. Overall, an in-depth presentation of fandom's lack of enthusiasm for Bergeron's point of view. Marty editorializes on the whole matter, announcing that he's going to cut off publication of further discussion so the subject does not take over the zine. The best of this issue is excellent, and the lengthy discourse on the Bergeron matter is at least clinically instructive in a fanhistorical way. Minimum bid: $5. Dave Rike has bid $7.

O. HOLIER THAN THOU No. 22, Fall 1985, 75 pages. In this issue, Harry Warner Jr. concludes his "All My Yesterdays" autobiography. Richard Weinstock writes on criminal courts and the penal system. Mike Glyer continues to review fanzines, while Terry Carr's "Entropy Reprints" presents "Fallen Angelenos" by Bjo Trimble, who has become so associated with convention art and costume shows that her fanwriting has largely been overlooked; this is a fine example of why (in addition to her fan art) she was such a well-regarded fan in the '50s and '60s. Skel has another lengthy column. The unintentional highlight of this issue is Eric Mayer's column, this one the notorious "Cafe Fandom" piece which was the subject of considerable discussion throughout fanzine fandom. Other contributors include Adrienne Fein, Warren Norwood and Darrell Schweitzer. The usual large lettercol. Minimum bid: $4. Dave Rike, $7. David L. Russell, $10.

P. HOLIER THAN THOU No. 23, Winter 1986, 60 pages. Harry Warner Jr. continues "All My Yesterdays" but changes the subject to forgotten fans; in this issue, he writes interestingly about a series of them from fandom's first three decades. Skel has another lengthy column. Linda Blanchard recounts an adventure she and some of her former high school classmates had traveling to a concert. Richard Weinstock writes on juveniles and the legal/court system. Eric Mayer's column is about English John Berry. Other contributions from Donald Franson and Milt Stevens, and a long letter section. Minimum bid: $4. Dave Rike has offered $6.

Q. Hand-Tinted Artwork by Jean Young. In this unusual departure from our usual auction fare of old fanzines, Jean Young has donated one hand-tinted, matted drawing to be auctioned. The winning bid may choose from the three selections depicted in this newsletter. In non-reduced form, these fit (approximately) on a page of the size you are holding. Minimum bid is $20, and a shipping charge of $4 must be added to the winning bid. Jean will produce the winner's selection and ship it from her home, Animal Farm, in the wilds of Iowa. (No need to specify which one you're interested in when submitting a bid.)

Fourth and Final Round

R. ATom Artwork. Namely, full-page illustrations hand-tinted by Arthur in his last year. Chuch Harris provides some background in his letter accompanying them:

"Most of Arfer's earlier color work was done with colored inks. When we were in Minneapolis [in 1989, with wife Sue, on a special trip to that year's Corflu] Geri took us to a fantastic shop that sold polished pebbles, perpetual motion spinning tops, and a million and one other things that I had to buy immediately. Like now!!! Before they dragged me away penniless, but beaming ecstatically over armfuls of loot, I'd found sets of 'magic crayons.' These were an ideal Arfer-gift --- crayons with primary colors which, when overlaid with the 'magic crayon' produces an entirely different color. I got a couple of sets and he was marvelously pleased with them. Sadly, he was already having tremor problems with his right hand and I think these colored illos were the only ones had had time enough left to be able to do with his new crayons. The 'Repair Yard at Xxnnjj' he did for Rob and Avedon. Geri is a 'Wind in the Willows' devotee; so for her he picked up a comment of Walter's likening me to Mr. Toad and did Geri and I in our motor car ("O bliss! O poop-poop! O my! O my!") en route to Toad Hall, as a gift to her for 'being so nice to Chuch when he visited.' Susan collected the ET Warrior one for much the same reason over a longer period. All these were distributed at a special KTF meeting at Welling during Geri's visit. I've checked with Rob, Avedon, Geri and Susan, and they too agree to the prints being sold in aid of TAFF."

So what's offered are five superb quality color photocopies of this unique work. In addition to the three mentioned above, two drawings are of archetypical fans representing the FIJAGH and FIAWOL approaches to fandom. All suitable for framing. Due to the coloring, these would not reproduce well enough to show here. For the five, minimum bid of $25. I am going to cover this minimum bid personally. Any challengers?

HYPHEN reprints: Some issues of this legendary fanzine have been reproduced in perfectly faithful facsimile editions, using quarto paper in colors matching the originals. Most of my own incomplete run of HYPHEN is made up of these, and I quite agree with Rob Hansen who said in a letter accompanying these duplicates he'd found in his collection, "To my mind these are more desirable than the originals, many of which are falling apart." Available:

S. HYPHEN No. 2, September 1952, 20 pages. This issue was put out by Chuch Harris and Bob Shaw, as Walt was on his first American trip. Yet he is present throughout the lettercol and in a quarter-page note later in the issue. Chuch Harris, James White, Bob Shaw,

A. Vincent Clarke, Ken Beale and Ermengarde Fiske all contribute as well. Artwork by Clarke, Shaw and White. Minimum bid: $5.

T. HYPHEN No. 4, October 1953, 28 pages. This issue contains a 15-page article, "The BeaCon, or Through Darkest Ireland Carrying a Torch for Bea Mahaffey," by James White, introduced by Willis, about Bea's 1953 visit to Northern Ireland. The cover depicting Bea is by Vinc/ Clarke, while interior illos are by Bob Shaw. The other major article is by Willis, reporting on the CoronCon in London earlier in '53. The first TOTO, HYPHEN's "reprint magazine," contains short pieces by Forry Ackerman, Bob Tucker and Ray Nelson. The issue closes with the first-ever mention of TAFF and with "Eavesdroppings," a collection of amusing quotes on the bacover. Minimum bid: $5.

U. No. 5, November 1953, 24 pages. Bob Tucker and Bert Campbell trade insults in a friendly way in articles written about the 1953 Worldcon. Ermengarde Fiske writes from New York with amusing tales of various pros and fans. Bob Shaw presents "The Soupcon Report" about a gathering of Irish Fandom. TOTO presents writing from Royal Drummond (about being bitten by a deer) and Jack Speer ("Widner's Love Life"). Chuch Harris has a rambling, entertaining column. There's an excellent letter column, more "Eavesdroppings" and the first TAFF ballot. Minimum bid: $5.

Bids on the Third and Fourth Rounds must reach me by January 15, 1992, same as the TAFF election. If you want to be informed if someone tops your offer, send an SASE or postcard with your bid. Thanks to Chuch and Rob for donating these items.


The Transatlantic Hearing Aid, Dave Langford's 80-page report on his 1980 TAFF trip.

Platen Stories, also by Dave Langford. A 64-page collection of a dozen of his articles from '80s fanzines.

The Enchantment, Walt Willis' 36-page account of his 1988 trip to America with his wife Madeleine, where they were FGoHs at Tropicon.

All above are $4 each postpaid ($5 non-U.S.)

Two-Pound Fanzine Sampler: just what it says; zines from '70s onward; each sampler includes one or more issues of Stu Shiffman's RAFFLES. $5 postpaid ($6 non-U.S.).

Fanzine Sale List. TAFF has numerous fanzines (and other items) available on a frequently updated direct sale list. Send a long SASE for a copy.