And finally, the very last European TAFF newsletter from outgoing administrator Pam Wells, now living at: First Floor Flat, 14 Prittlewell Square, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 1DW. Phone (0702) 352846. Please update your records NOW! This issue dated May 1993.

The results of the 1993 TAFF race are as follows:

1. Calculating on the old (single transferable vote) basis alone, the results are ...

First ballot, first place votes:

         Michael  Tony   Abigail  Ashley   Hold Over  No
         Ashley   Berry  Frost    Watkins  Funds      Preference
America    31      14     29        5       3          12
Europe     13      50     28       12       -           3
Other       1       4      2        -       -
Total      45      68     59       17       3          15

No candidate has an overall majority (here requiring 97+ votes out of the 192 which express a preference). The lowest-placed candidate is eliminated and their votes redistributed (where a next choice is indicated) or set aside (if no next choice was shown), and this whole process is repeated until an overall majority emerges. (In all subsequent tables, the Other totals are included with America.)

After redistribution of votes for Hold Over Funds:

         Michael  Tony   Abigail  Ashley
         Ashley   Berry  Frost    Watkins
America    32      19     31        5
Europe     13      50     28       12
Total      45      69     59       17

After redistribution of votes for Ashley Watkins:

         Michael  Tony   Abigail
         Ashley   Berry  Frost
America    34      20     34
Europe     13      54     36
Total      47      74     70

After redistribution of votes for Michael Ashley:

         Michael  Tony   Abigail
         Ashley   Berry  Frost
America            32     51
Europe             58     42
Total              90     93

Therefore the winner is Abigail Frost, to whom many congratulations.

2. The sharper among you will also have noticed that under the newer 20% rule, which states that to win, a candidate must receive at least 20% of the first-ballot first-place votes on both sides of the Atlantic, separately, Abigail is the only candidate satisfying this requirement. In the interests of historical continuity, we give the complete breakdown of votes here to show that she would also have won under the previous system.

Abigail will therefore attend ConFrancisco, the 1993 Worldcon in San Francisco, as TAFF delegate from Europe, and will be taking over TAFF's administration until the black spot passes to the next European winner in due course. The new address for TAFF in Europe:

c/o Abigail Frost, 95 Wilmot Street, London, E2 0BP.

Many thanks to everyone who voted via the European administrator:

Michael Abbott, Hazel Ashworth, Mal Ashworth, Allen Baum, Cohn Bayley, Covert Beach, R T Bean, S L Bennett, Helena Bowles, Pat Brown, Vernon Brown, Dave Carson, Vine Clarke, Jack Cohen, David T Cooper, Dave Cox, John Dallman, Matei N Donea, Paul Dormer, Roger Earnshaw, Lilian Edwards, Helen Eling, Stan Eling, Bernie Evans, Mick Evans, Vicky Evans, Tommy Ferguson, Mike Ford, Susan Francis, Abigail Frost, Gamma, Peter Garratt, Roelof Goudriaan, Ann Green, Steve Green, Steve Grover, Judith Hanna, Dave Hardy, Alun Harries, Chuck Harris, Sue Harris, Eve Harvey, John Harvey, Matthias Hofmann, Dave Holmes, Terry Hunt, Tim lllingworth, Rhodri James, Graham Joyce, Roz Kaveney, Linda Krawecke, Andreas Kuschke, Christina Lake, Dave Langford, Alice Lawson, Steve Lawson, Nick Lowe ('This is heartbreaking -- a field like this should have a space for "Send Them ALL!"'), Peter Lyon, Jürgen G Marzi, Catherine McAulay, William McCabe, Alexandru Mironov, Chris Morgan, Pauline Morgan, Lin Morris, Lynne Ann Morse, Steph Mortimer, Carol Morton, Tony Morton, Chris Murphy, Joseph Nicholas, Paul Oldroyd, Simon Ounsley, John Philpott, Greg Pickersgill, Andrew Porter, Elinor Predota, Gareth Rees, John Richards, John D Rickett, Chris Ridd, Pedro Jorge Romero, Stephen Rothman, Marcus Rowland, Alison Scott, Cyril Simsa, Kevin Smith, Ian Sorensen, Richard Standage, Alex Stewart, Charles Stross, Jürgen Thomann, Peter-Fred Thompson, Martin Tudor, Stephen Tudor, Paul Vincent, Helen Wake, Peter Wareham, Ashley Watkins, Margaret Welbank, D West, Eileen Weston, Peter Weston, Donya Hazard White, Rob Whitmore, Madeleine Willis, Walt Willis and Anne Wilson.

My thanks also to Dave Langford, on whose mighty equipment this final newsletter is being published, and whose fax machine greatly assisted communication with Jeanne Bowman in the Great Vote Counting Process.

The balance in European TAFF is currently £2,099.45 (yippee, we crossed the £2,000 barrier!). Many thanks to those of you who sent more generous contributions with your votes than the rules required. Abigail has asked me not to pass on the money immediately as she intends to open an account in the name of TAFF, and we have agreed that I shall continue to receive the proceeds of the final rounds of the Mail Auction. Therefore, please keep sending TAFF money to me until further notice.

The third completed round of auction items raised the staggering total of £143, with Fancyclopedia II going to Mark Nelson for £60, the set of Les Spinge to Chris Suslowicz for £50, Simulacrum 8 to Mark Nelson for £4, The Patchin Review to Matthias Hofmann for £5, the Baycon Program Book to Robert Lichtman for £9, and the bibliography of Fritz Leiber to Dave Mooring for £15.

Auction Items: Third Round

1. FANTHOLOGY 1981, edited and published by Patrick Nielsen Hayden, first printing: Summer 1962. cover by Richard Bergeron, interior art and lettering by Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Bhob Stewart, Ted white, and Sylvia Dees white. Articles by Alais Adverse, chris Atkinson, Ted white, Avedon carol, Eric Mayer, Kevin Smith, John Bangsund, chris Priest, Dave Langford and Greg Benford, from Venom, Tappen, Pong, Harlot, Groggy, Dot, Warhoon, Energumen and Boonfark. Together with an introduction by Patrick Nielsen Hayden; a superlative collection of fanwriting. Minimum bid: £5. BIDS RECEIVED Mark Nelson £5, Alexander Yudenitsch $15 (translated to £10 as all bids must be in pounds sterling).

2. NAPALM IN THE MORNING: issues 1, 2 and 3 of this personalzine by Joseph Nicholas, published in 1980 and 1981. Buy these and see whether Joseph really did write all that KTF stuff everybody still accuses him of. (Oh damn, he'll give me hell for using a preposition to end that last sentence with!) To be sold as a set. Minimum bid: £3. BIDS RECEIVED Mark Nelson £3, Robert Lichtman £5, Mark Nelson £6.

3. TALES FROM THE SLAG HEAP, edited by Abigail Frost and Helen Starkey, 1984. A great piece of time-binding, not to mention gossip, and That Cover -- which is a decidedly dodgy version of the Fannish Relationships Diagram which swept through British party fandom in 1984. Ah, such memories! Minimum bid: £1. BIDS RECEIVED Mark Nelson £1, Robert Lichtman £2.50, cedric Knight £2.50, Robert Lichtman £4.

4. MOOD 70, an anthology of British fanwriting produced for the 1979 worldcon (Seacon 79), edited by Kevin Smith. Proving that only men could write decent stuff in the 70s, it contains articles by Graham Charnock, Malcolm Edwards, Rob Holdstock, Leroy Kettle, Dave Langford, Peter Nicholls and Greg Pickersgill. Pretty much a tribute to Rat Fandom. A4, very neatly produced, litho printed and slip-bound. Minimum bid: £3. BIDS RECEIVED Mark Nelson £3, Cedric Knight £4, Robert Lichtman £5, John Jarrold £10.

5. Four issues of TWENTYTHIRD by Jimmy Robertson, and if I could work out the issue numbers I'd tell you what they are. Oh, OK then, issues 5, 6, 8 and 9. Jimmy Robertson's unique style makes these well worth getting if you haven't got them already. To be sold as a set. Minimum bid: £3. BIDS RECEIVED Mark Nelson £3, Robert Lichtman £4.50, Mark Nelson £5, Robert Lichtman £7.

6. NABU, issues 8, 9, 10 and 11, edited by Ian Maule (remember him?). Classic seventies genzine, duplicated on coloured quarto paper, cover art by Jim Barker, Stu Shiffman et al, minimal internal art. Issue 11 contains an insert of the Gannet Fandom Family Tree. Issues to be sold separately. Minimum bid: £1.50 each. BIDS RECEIVED Mark Nelson £1.50 each.

The third round is the final round, and the highest bids quoted above are the winning bids IF THEY ARE NOT BEATEN BY 20th MAY 1993. If I receive a higher bid for any of these items, I shall contact the person listed to see if they wish to increase their bid. All items will be dispatched to the highest bidder soon after 20th May (with delivery at Mexicon to anyone who will be there -- please let me know). Payment should be made in pounds sterling, made payable to Pam wells. If you would prefer to pay in US dollars, please contact me and I'll let you know the amount to send to Jeanne Bowman.