Published in the interests of the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund by outgoing US Administrator Ron Ellik, 1825 Greenfield Avenue, Los Angeles, California, 90025.


The recent TAFF race, complete at midnight on Hallowe'en, elected Wally Weber to go [to] the British 1964 convention this coming Easter. Total votes were:

England U.S. Total
Marion Bradley 47 118 165
Bruce Pelz 40 89 129
Wally Weber 38 165 203

A complete list of voters from both sides of the Big Pond, including write-in voters and person who contributed but did not vote, appears on the reverse of this sheet. There were write-in votes for Harlan Ellison, Bill Blackbeard, Bob Pavlat and J. S. Kennedy.

Wally is gradually assuming all the duties of American Administrator of the Fund, but because the next race overlaps his British trip, my name appears on the voting form. Please send your ballots to me or to Ethel and send them in in plenty of time -- last time, several last-minute votes weren't counted because the names were unknown to the Administrators and there wasn't time to check them out; only a few got left out this way, tho, and they wouldn't have changed the result.

Near the end of this last campaign, Ethel and I realized that the award could be realistically raised to six hundred dollars; with $950 on hand in the States and over $150 in England, Wally's trip is paid for and enough is left to assure us that the return l964 trip can be made on contributions with ballots. But that leaves TAFF a little tight for the 1965 trip (we hope to send an American to the 23rd World SF Convention in England) which must depend on its own revenues, the generosity of the 1964 conventions in both countries, and your contributions above the minimum voting fee; opinion was universally high in favor of raising the award, and we hope donations will flow accordingly.

If you have questions about TAFF, feel free to write to any of us; Ethel and I are at the addresses on the ballot, and you may write to Wally at Box 267, 507 Third Avenue, Seattle, Washington, 98104. ##Last summer the National Fantasy Fan Federation published a pamphlet by Len Moffatt and me as Fandbook #4, "The Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund." It's a brief explanation, intended to answer questions about the written and unwritten rules of TAFF that have grown up in over a decade. Copies are available from me for 20¢.

Each of the TAFF winners' reports is still available: Ron Bennett's COLONIAL EXCURSION (to South Gate, 1958) $1; Don Ford's TAFF BAEDEKER (To London, 1960) $1.25; Eric Bentcliffe's EPITAFF (to Pittsburgh, 1960) $1; Ethel Lindsay's THE LINDSAY REPORT (to Chicago, 1962) $1. All are available from any administrator; proceeds beyond cost go to TAFF.

VOTERS in the 1963 campaign which elected Wally Weber were:

FJAckerman       Jean Engel    Larry McCombs    Bjo Trimble
Brian Aldiss     Ted Engel     P R McKnight     John Trimble
PSArcher         D Ettlin      Bob Madle        E C Tubb KtSF
FWArnold         H Evermann    Bill Mallardi    E Turner
MAshworth        A Eversfield  A Mercer         P Turner
EdBaker          N Falasca     E Meskys         B Varley
Wrai Ballard     D M Faulkner  N Metcalf        F Varley
Dave Barber      E Firestone   Chris Miller     M Versins
MDBarrett        Don Ford      P S Miller       P Versins
Liz Bennett      M Ford        Ellis Mills      W W Weber
Ron Bennett      H Forman      A Moffatt        C Wells
R Berman         T Forsyth     L Moffatt        Jas White
D Bisenieks      Dave Fox      Joe Navin        T White
B Blackbeard     Don Franson   G Ohmacht        M Willis
Burkhard Blum    C Freeman     K Otter          W Willis
J Boardman       Don Geldart   M Owings         Art Wilson
Jean Bogert      Tony Glynn    D Pardoe         Ron Wilson
A Boucher        W Gonser      Ella Parker      C B Winstone
Bill Bowers      B Greenberg   Ellen Parkes     D Wollheim
M Z Bradley      James Groves  K C Parkes       E Wollheim
J Broderick      Al haLevy     Fred Patten      S Woolston
W Breen          O M Hannifen  Bob Pavlat       Ed Wyman
R E Briney       Phil Harrell  D J Pearson      G Wyman
Rich Brown       Dale Hart     B E Pelz         M Wyman
Bob Brown        G R Heap      E BPerdue
Bruce Burn       M Helgesen    Thom Perry
B Busby          J E Herzog    Joe Pilati           
F M Busby        RBHickey      Bill Plott   
K M Carlson      Stu Hoffman   L A Price
Ted Carnell      Eve Hoke      Fred Prophet
G M Carr         Dave Hulan    Boyd Raeburn
P Castora        M Jakubowski  G N Raybin
Jim Cawthorn     E R James     Alva Rogers
J L Chalker      P R Jaskar    Mike Rosenblum
GATWCharters     Terry Jeeves  Bill Rotsler
KCheslin         Val Jeeves    Vic Ryan
Ed Clinton       W J Jenkins   Lee Sapiro
Jessie Clinton   Seth Johnson  H S Schofield
W R Cole         T Johnstone   S Schultheis
Sid Coleman      Eric Jones    V Schultheis
J W Coulson      Len Kaye      R Schultz
R S Coulson      Ben Keifer    G Schwenn
Art J Cox        D T Keil      Tom Seidman
Ed Cox           Miri Knight   Bob Shaw  
S Cutrell        John Koning   Bob Silverberg
V De Bra         B Kujawa      Don Simpson
M Deckinger      D A Kyle      P Singleton
H DeVore         Ruth Kyle     Ken Slater
F M Dietz Jr     Alan Lewis    D G Small
DEA              Albert Lewis  B Smith
B Donaho         B Locke       R Sneary
A Dupla          G Locke       Roy Tackett
A Eisenstein     B Lupoff      Dale Tarr
G Eklund         P Lupoff      M Thompson
Jane Ellern      H Lynch       D Thompson
W B Ellern       P Mabey       A Thomson
R H Eney         Ian McAulay   B RTToskey
J Engel

CONTRIBUTORS, who did not vote, include the following:

The Los Angeles SF Society
The 21st World SF Convention
The 1963 British SF Convention
The National Fantasy Fan Federation
The Morcon Committee War Chest
Claire Beck, John Below, CWBrooks, Bob Chazin, Ray Clancy, WDConner, Esther Davis, Don Fitch, JHarness Ron Hicks, Kenneth Lupoff, ALMiller, AMMiller, Dan Plachta, Reg Smith, Ed Wood, Linda Wyman, Rog Zelazny.

Republished for British fans and issued by
Ethel Lindsay.
who wishes to state her firm conviction that Ron Ellik is the best thing that ever happened to TAFF.