Published in the interests of TAFF by Ethel Lindsay, Courage House, 6 Langley Ave, Surbiton, Surrey, Gt. Britain and Ron Ellik, 1825 Greenfield Ave, Los Angeles, Calif. 90025, USA, who are the current TAFF Administrators.

Dear TAFF pillar:

Enclosed you will find a copy of the ballot for the current TRANSATLANTIC FAN FUND campaign, in which Marion Bradley, Bruce Pelz, and Wally Weber are vying to represent American fandom at the 1964 British convention. The most immediate purpose of this letter is to encourage you to use this form if you haven't already voted -- it will be most convenient for you to send five shillings or the equivalent (cheques, money orders and postage will be most easily sent and received -- currency from beyond the sterling or dollar areas might be inconvenient to either Administrator) with your vote.

But looking beyond this current TAFF campaign and the convention we're aiming to send an American fan to, we are now thinking about the next campaign, which will elect one of you to represent European fandom at the 1964 World Science Fiction Convention in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Nominations for this campaign will be opened on the first day of September, at the Washington D.C. Worldcon -- Ron Ellik will make an appeal to everyone there to nominate the fan of their choice from beyond the Atlantic to come to America on fandom's donations and votes. When you receive this letter, it will be time for you to start moving. You have until the last day of November to send nomination requirements to either Administrator.

If you would like to see one of your friends stand for TAFF, contact others who correspond with him or know him) and get five signatures (three from Europe, two from Americas ) of fans who want to see him up for the trip. Besides these signatures, you need a $5.00 (thirty-six shillings) bond of good faith, a one-hundred word platform describing the candidate, and his signature stating his willingness to travel to California next fall if elected.

There is time for you to get a campaign going if you act now. Write to either of us for more information -- we'll shoot you back an airmail reply with all the answers we can give.

And send that TAFF ballot in at the same time, will you? Use your right to help select your own guest, at the same time you're making plans to select a representative for the next trip.

Thank you.

USA Administrator.
European Administrator.



Good fans and true who have bought The Lindsay Report:

Ron Bennett        Don Geldart       Chris Miller   Peter Singleton
Brian Burgess      Bobbie Gray       Ian McAulay    Charles Smith
Bruce Burn         James Groves      Horst Margeit  Brian Varley
Ted Ball           Margery Harrison  J.W. McGregor  Walter Willis
Dave Barber        Max Jabowski      Keith Otter    Peter West
Ken Cheslin        Terry Jeeves      T.K.Overton
Ted Carnell        Roy Kay           Ella Parker
Jim Cawthorn       Pat Kearney       Ian Peters
Dr Antonio Dupla   Jim Linwood       Alan Rispin
Audrey Eversfield  George Locke      John Roles
Ted Forsyth        Nigel Lindsay     Michael Rosenblum
Colin Freeman      Peter Mabey       Norman Shorrock

Stout fans and true who have voted in the current campaign to bring an American fan over in l964:

Brian Aldiss       E.R. James        Michael Rosenblum
Ron Bennett        Terry Jeeves      Ken Slater
Dave Barber        Val Jeeves        Dick Schultz
Elizabeth Bennett  Peter Mabey       D.G. Small
Ken Cheslin        Archie Mercer
Ted Carnell        Chris Miller
Jim Cawthorn       Ian McAulay
Ted Forsyth        Joe Lavin
Don Geldart        Keith Otter
James Groves       Ella Parker

There is still time to vote -- the deadline is October 31st.
There is still time to buy The Lindsay Report.

The total sum that TAFF held in the British end at the "take-over" in 1965 was 1/5d. The sum now reaches £52.14s. Whilst this is good ... it is nowhere near the sum held by the US end which is now over $700! We at this end may be less numerous; but if everyone were to contribute in one way or another the total would soar to reach somewhere a little more consistent with this being a two-way Fund.

Please help!