to all past voters in TAFF races.

Normal practice, as you know, is for eastward and westward TAFF races to alternate. I have been elected this year, to travel westward to ConFrancisco in September, so normally there'd be another westward race in 1995. However, the 1995 Worldcon, Intersection, takes place in Scotland. I'd like you, the voters, to give your preference as to what should be done about the 1995 race. Obviously, the North American side has a voice in this too, so this is just a guide in negotiations. It's still important! Abigail Frost

Who may vote: Anyone currently resident in Europe (including offshore islands and the parts of Turkey and the former Soviet Union which are strictly included in Asia), who has voted in any TAFF race in the past.

How to vote: There are five options below. Please number them in order of preference. When votes are counted, the lowest-placed option will be eliminated and second-place votes on those ballots redistributed. The process will be repeated until an overall majority is achieved. This is the Single Transferable Vote system, as used in the main TAFF elections. However, the 20 per cent rule does not apply here.

Options Preference

1 Don't hold any TAFF race in 1995. Return to normal schedule afterwards.

[Note: This is what was done in 1990, when the Worldcon was in Holland.]

2 Hold another westward (Europe to North America) race in 1994; an eastward one in 1995 (so that the NA winner can attend Intersection in Glasgow); another eastward race in 1996; then return to the normal schedule.

[Note. The 1994 Worldcon is 'Conadian' in Winnipeg, so this would be an unusual opportunity for a European delegate to attend a Canadian convention. If it is chosen, nominations for the 1994 race would have to be in very quickly.]

3 Hold a westward race in 1995, with the winner attending their choice from a list of North American conventions (to include the NasFic) and Intersection.

[Note: Candidates would have to state which NA convention they wished to attend on the official ballot paper. This would be an opportunity to test the oft-mooted idea of sending a delegate to one of the smaller North American conventions. It would also allow people (eg schoolteachers) who are unable to travel in early September to stand as candidates.]

4 No preference -- and I'd specifically like that to be known.

5 Some other option (please outline below).

[Note: A space for write-ins, in case anyone has a better idea. If you're seriously going to use this, you'd better canvass a few more people or there's no chance of winning.]

My name:

My current address:

Most recent westward TAFF race I've voted in (if you can't remember the year, give the winner's name):

Most recent eastward TAFF race I've voted in (only if you've never voted in a westward one):

Please send this form, postmarked before 8 July 1993, to: Abigail Frost, 95 Wilmot Street, London E2 OBP.

You do not need to donate to vote, but don't let that stop you if you're feeling generous.

Reproduction of this form is encouraged, provided the above text is reproduced verbatim. Anyone doing so should substitute their name here: Abigail Frost.

(But why not save yourself a lot of typing and just photocopy this one?)