James Bacon's 2004 TAFF Plans

Hi all,

This is just a quick courtesy mail, about my TAFF trip, as you have shown interest, or I thought I should drop you a line about it all. It's also going to the Nurofen and Eastercon lists.

Obviously some of you will be busy, so it's not that important. Just thought you should have it.

Also, feel free to pass it on, to any one SFictional who may be interested. (Esp. US-based.)

Taff Trip

I depart for the United States on Tuesday the 31st of September and arrive in Boston on Tuesday evening.

I will be staying in Boston at that stage. A plan of some of my activities at Noreascon Four is at the end of this mail.

I am going to stay in Boston at Noreascon until Tuesday the 7th of September.

I had hoped to spend more time stateside, but have found that two weeks is the best I can do, I am afraid, which means I shant be seeing nawlins (sorry). I had hoped to be able to relax more and see more.

I am keen to meet fans, esp. in New York, Washington and Boston, and I have had offers, so, take this as I'll be therea nd let your friends know ;-) (to get the hell out perhaps).

My Taff Mission as I see it:

Finally, I hope to do a Taff report in time to distribute at Novacon 2004. The Worldconomicron. (Need to check spelling BUT I have said it now, so I expect it will be really difficult for me not to do it!!!)

At this stage, any suggestions, opinion and generally feedback would be welcomed, but ONLY directly to me at piglet{at sign}indigo.ie please

Many thanks:

James Bacon.

I will be at: