SCIFI Makes Donation To TAFF

Organization Continues Trip Report "Bounties"

The Southern California Institute for Fan Interests, Inc. (SCIFI), the sponsoring organization for the 1984, 1996, and 2006 Worldcons, is pleased to announce that, having received Trip Reports from James Bacon and Tobes Valois, it has made a donation of $1,000 to the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund (TAFF).

Since 1984, SCIFI has made a $500 donation to one of the intercontinental Fan Funds whenever one of its delegates publishes a Trip Report about their journey. The purpose of this policy was and is to encourage the publication of Fan Fund Trip Reports and, SCIFI is very pleased that the frequency of such publications being completed has increased over the two decades this policy has been in effect. We like to think we're part of the cause.

James Bacon wrote and published "WorldConNomicon", about his 2004 TAFF trip. Tobes Valois's "Tobes TAFF Ting" covers his 2002 TAFF trip. Copies of the trip reports are available. For information on either of these and other TAFF reports, check

The SCIFI Fan Funds Donation Program was started by L.A.con II. SCIFI will donate $500 to one of the three major intercontinental fan funds (TAFF, DUFF, or GUFF) whenever a trip report is published in complete form within five years of the completion of the trip. Trip reports that appear more than five years after the trip will yield a donation of $100. Qualifying trip reports should be mailed to SCIFI, PO Box 8442, Van Nuys CA 91409, USA.

Chaz Boston Baden
7 Jun 2005