1999 Eastbound TAFF Race Results

Balloting in the 1999 Eastbound TAFF race closed at midnight December 5. Vijay Bowen received a majority on the first round of ballots. That decisive first round went as follows:

      Vijay Bowen       Sarah Prince      Hold Over Funds    No Pref.

US       47                 12                  3               10
UK        8                  3                  2                6

Total    55                 15                  5               16

Congratulations to Vijay! Sincerest condolences to Sarah. Many thanks to the generous fans who voted and support the fund -- the average voting donation exceeded $10 per voter for US votes in this race, and TAFF thanks all of you. Many thanks also to both candidates for putting themselves forward to take part in TAFF.

Vijay will be travelling to Reconvene, the 50th Annual British National Science Fiction Convention, in Liverpool, England, April 2-5, 1999. Further itinerary details will presumably be forthcoming from Vijay when and as she gets a chance to adjust to the news and make plans. Full voting lists will be available from me and Maureen Kincaid Speller in our next forthcoming newsletters.

Again, heartfelt thanks to all who participated in the process, and who continue to support the fund with their enthusiasm and generosity.

-- Ulrika O'Brien, US TAFF administrator