TAFF Announcement
24 April 2019

The 2019 TAFF race is over and there is a winner!

I apologize for the delay in getting the word out, but counting the votes on the European side was not finalized until late Tuesday evening my time (CDT in Texas) because my administrative colleague, Johan Anglemark, did not return home to Sweden from Eastercon until Tuesday evening his time – got that? He is 7 hours ahead of me – delaying his ability to tally all the ballots cast in London. This year 212 voters participated across fandom, which is another fine turn out, and we thank everyone for supporting TAFF.

Nevertheless, it is now done. Johan Anglemark, European TAFF Administrator, and I are pleased to announce that Geri Sullivan will be the North American TAFF delegate to the 77th World Science Fiction Convention in Dublin, Ireland this coming August 15-19, 2019.

We thank all the candidates – Geri Sullivan, Teresa Cochran, Sarah Gulde, and Michael Lowrey – for running a splendid and fun campaign. An official press release will appear within the next day or so with the attendant voting breakdown and other relevant information.

Again, Johan and I thank everybody for their continued support of not only TAFF, but also all of the Fan Funds.

John Purcell
North American TAFF Administrator