TAFF Press Release
October 2016

TAFF 2017 Call for Nominations


The 2017 TAFF (Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund) race is now open for nominations for the North America to UK/Europe trip. The winning delegate will attend the 2017 World Science Fiction Convention in Helsinki, Finland, and will thereafter become the next administrator of TAFF – North America. More details about TAFF can be found at David Langford's excellent website at: taff.org.uk/. Nominations are open through the end of November. If you're interested in standing for the 2017 TAFF election or would like to nominate some deserving fan, please contact Curt Phillips at Absarka_prime (at) comcast.net or Anna Raftery at Anna.raftery (at) gmail.com.

Curt Phillips, TAFF Administrator, North America
Anna Raftery, TAFF Administrator, Europe