TAFF Press Release
29 January 2011

2011 TAFF Race: Deadline Extended

Following assurances that the Renovation fan programme can still integrate this year's TAFF delegate into its schedule with a shorter lead-in time, and the agreement of all four candidates, the fund's administrators have decided to extend the deadline for the current race until Tuesday, 26 April. This will enable ballot forms to be handed in at Illustrious, this year's UK Eastercon, and also gives online voters using our PayPal facility an extra six weeks to cast their digital ballot.

With four fans vying for the honour of representing European fandom – Graham Charnock, John Coxon, Liam Proven and Paul Treadaway – this was always going to be an exciting race. Why not keep the fun going a little longer?

Ballot forms can be downloaded at [taff.org.uk].

Steve Green, European administrator
Anne & Brian Gray, North American administrators