TAFF Press Release
20 November 2007

For Immediate Release:
TAFF Winner Announced

Suzanne Tompkins, North American TAFF Administrator • 206-367-8898 • suzlet at aol com
Bridget Bradshaw, European TAFF Administrator • bugshaw at cix co uk

Chris Garcia has won the 2008 TransAtlantic Fan Fund race by a clear majority of the 174 votes cast. Further details of voting will be announced shortly. We would like to thank the other TAFF candidates -- Linda Deneroff, Chris Barkley, and Christian McGuire -- for standing for TAFF this year and making it a real race.

Chris will be attending Orbital, the 2008 Eastercon, next March as part of his trip. Details of his TAFF itinerary will be announced when they are available.

Suzanne Tompkins
North American TAFF Administrator
PO Box 25075
Seattle WA 98165
E-mail: SuzleT at aol dot com

Bridget Bradshaw
European TAFF Administrator
39 (1F2) Viewforth
EH10 4JE
Email bugshaw at cix co uk