TAFF Winner Announced

Announcement from Suzanne Tompkins, 27 May 2006

At a fan gathering held in London today at the Horseshoe Inn, the winner of the 2006 TAFF race to send a European candidate to North America and LACon IV was announced by James Bacon, European TAFF Administrator in consultation with Suzanne Tompkins, North American TAFF admin.

Bridget Bradshaw (Bug) won by a clear majority of the 292 votes cast. Further details of voting will be announced shortly.

117 attendees at the mini-con held from Noon to Midnight on 27 May added 34 votes to the European total today as well as drinking the Pub out of real ale and gin. Additionally, £300+ was raised here for the TAFF coffers.

Bridget will be traveling to the US to attend the LA Worldcon is August. Details of her TAFF trip will be announced when they are available.