2005 TAFF Results

Announcement from Randy Byers, 5 April 2005

Congratulations to Suzanne Tompkins, who was chosen by TAFF voters to attend Interaction, the 63rd World Science Fiction Convention, in Glasgow, Scotland, August 4-8, 2005. We had an excellent slate of candidates this year, with Chaz Boston Baden and Curt Phillips joining Suzanne in drawing 186 voters to the cause of supporting TAFF.

Here are the first-place votes from the ballots:

NA Eur Oth Tot
Chaz Boston Baden 52 4 1 57
Curt Phillips 24 11 35
Suzanne Tompkins 75 8 83
Hold Over Funds
No Preference 4 7 11
Totals 155 30 1 186

No one received an outright majority of the votes. Chaz did not receive the minimum 20% of European votes required, and so he was eliminated. Curt did not receive the minimum 20% of North American votes required, and so he was eliminated. Suzanne was thus the winner on the first pass. She was also the winner if the 20% rule was ignored.

Congratulations again to Suzanne, and many thanks to Chaz and Curt. The three of you made this race a dream to administer! Thanks also to James Bacon, Ulrika O'Brien, and Dave Langford for their help with various aspects of counting the vote.

Most of all, thanks to everyone who cast a ballot and donated money to TAFF. It's your support that keeps TAFF going and helps fans build friendships that bridge the Atlantic.

Randy Byers
North American TAFF Administrator