Taff Ting in Two Hours

Announcement from James Bacon, 9 March 2005

Hi There:

An idea has been found to bring Tobes' Taff report to fruition.

I am looking for help and assistance with this project in the form of submissions.

The plan is straightforward:

Tobes Does the Taff Ting in Two Hours with Two Pints

I hope, with Tobes and Max to produce a Taff Report, at Eastercon in under two hours.

The Eastercon committee will have printers etc ready to rock and we will have dedicated programme space and room.

We will torture him and get a report out of him which will be dictated directly and hope that by the end of the two hours, we'll have the report running off the printer.

We already have some stuff from the website, but what we need are submissions from fans who met Tobes, at Worldcon, his further adventures in North America or at his farewell parties in Max's or London.

All submissions are welcome, anything, even just about the phenonononomomenen that is the Tobes we seem to love.

We will have banks of PC's running, copy-editing, DTP-ing, taking dictation, you name it.


We have a deadline of the 19th of March, so that's ten days time. As I will then be heading to Eastercon.

Also pictures would be good, many thanks (er with Tobes in em).

Feel Free to pass this on, to anyone who may have come into contact with Tobes.

James Bacon

Taff Administrator