Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund

2003: North America to Europe

Randy Byers Wins TAFF

Victor Gonzalez writes: Congratulations to Randy Byers, the winner of the 2003 Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund race. Randy will attend the 2003 Eastercon, Seacon '03, in Hinckley, Leicestershire, which is to be held from April 18-21.

Big thanks are also due to Colin Hinz, Mike Lowrey, and Curt Phillips; all three ran good races, and any would have made for a fine TAFF delegate.

There were 160 ballots that expressed a preference; 50 in the Europe and 110 in North America.

The 20 percent minimum in Europe is 10 first-place ballots.

The 20 percent minimum in North America is 22 first-place ballots.

              Euro    NA
Byers          28     45		Winner
Hinz            5     10 	*
Lowrey          8     22 	**
Phillips        9     32 	**
HoldOverFunds	  1

* Failed to reach 20 percent on both sides

** Failed to reach 20 percent in Europe

Thanks also to everyone who helped out by distributing ballots, and to the voters for their ballots and donations. Cheers --
Victor Gonzalez
North American TAFF administrator

Victor also carried out the calculation as though the 20% elimination rule (see TAFF ballot) did not in fact apply, leading by a slightly longer process of elimination and redistribution of the ballots' second and third preferences to the same result:

Total Votes:   1st    2nd    3rd
              round  round  round

Byers          73     73     81 -- winner by simple majority
Hinz           15     15 -- eliminated
Lowrey         30     30     32
Phillips       41     41     45
HoldOverFunds   1 -- eliminated