2002 TAFF Race Announcement: Tobes Wins

On 4 June 2002, the European administrator, Sue Mason, posted the following voting results for the 2002 TAFF race between Chris O'Shea and Tobes Valois.

Final figures below, chaps.

US Votes

Chris O'Shea 17
Tobes Valois 21
Hold Over Funds 3
No Preference 9

UK Votes

Chris O'Shea 37
Tobes Valois 70
Hold over 2
No Preference 14

Total Votes

Chris 54
Tobes 91
Hold over 5
No preference 23

Thus Tobes Valois is the European TAFF delegate to the 2002 Worldcon, ConJosé in San José, California. Background data can be found in the official ballot, including candidate's platforms..