The Amnesia Report


SOONER OR LATER WE HAD TO GET TO THIS Kev Smith reports that the TAFF voting in Europe was a decisive 41 for Rob Hansen and 41 for D. West, with one write-in for Paul Skelton. Over here in America, some people obviously had more fun. We here at the offices of TAFF/US appreciate getting notes that say things like "It's clear from D. West's platform that he is the British Alina Chu," and "I'm voting for West because I think it would be cruel to send a nice guy like Rob Hansen to LA." Votes for "Embezzle Funds" are a delight to TAFF administrators who would love to do just that.

Be that as it may, Americans did manage to make a clear statement on the matter, and I don't get to keep the money. There was only one first place vote for Hold Over Funds, and Rob Hansen squeaked by with a mere 60 votes to Famous Dave's 19, Stateside. For those of you who don't like to have to read, that means:

USA UK Total
Rob Hansen 60 41 101
D. West 19 41 60
HOF 1 - 1
Paul Skelton - 1 1

I suppose it's a disappointment to know that a nice guy like Rob Hansen is going to have to be subjected to LA, especially when sending D. West there would have been such poetic justice, but what can you say? Everyone knows Dominoes is a boring spectator sport.

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