TAFF Progress Report 1965

[handwritten note by Wally Weber:] UNOFFICIAL COPY

American Edition

The results of the latest TAFF balloting, which ended midnight February 28, 1965, are as follows:

Europe America Total
Terry Carr 39 168 207
Bill Donaho 18 71 89
Jock Root 19 95 114

Write-in votes, all of them from the American side, were cast for Len Moffatt (2 votes), and Dick Eney, Ben Stark, Bjo Trimble, and Wally Weber (1 vote each).

As of March 3, 1965, and deducting the $600 which now belongs to Terry Carr, the European TAFF funds on hand total 43 pounds, 14 shillings, and three farthings ($122.48 according to Wally's unreliable calculations), and the American funds total $122.14. In addition, Bill Donaho announced that Pacificon II pledged $200 to TAFF and that the money will be sent within the next few months.

We administrators are extremely grateful to those of you who have supported TAFF by voting, contributing, mailing out ballots with your fanzines, advertising, nominating candidates, and helping in all the other Trays you have found. We are particularly grateful to our three fine candidates Terry, Bill and Jock who allowed themselves to be subjected to the mind-wrenching terrors of apprehension, suspense and anticipation associated with TAFF campaigns. Thank you all very much.

[The following paragraph is marked "WALLY WEBER VERSION. NOT YET OFFICIAL." A closely similar text, with small changes like "recent" for "current", is quoted in Ron Bennett's Skyrack #80a (30 June 1965) – so it was retained in the published report.]

With the close of the current campaign, TAFF is taking a breather before opening nominations again. One thing we do not want is to develop an attitude among fans of, "Ho-hum, just another TAFF campaign." TAFF has been running steadily for the past several years now, and the enthusiasm that has been its life blood is bound to be replaced with apathy if elections are scheduled by the calendar rather than by need. It is time to stand back and evaluate this remarkable fannish phenomenon.

VOTERS in the 1964-65 campaign which elected Terry Carr were:

Forrest J. Ackerman, Karen Anderson, John W. Andrews, Fred W. Arnold, Mal Ashworth, Wrai Ballard, Dave Barber, David Bell, Gregory A. Benford, Donald R. Bensen, Richard Bergeron, Ruth A. Berman, John Boardman, Jean Bryant Bogert, Redd Boggs, David S. Bradley, Carl Brandon Jr., Charles N. Brown, Marsha Brown, Richard W. Brown, Robert P. Brown, Elinor Busby, F. M. Busby, K. Martin Carlson, Carol Carr, Terry Carr, Jim Cawthorn, Jack L. Chalker, George Charters, Russell Chauvenet, Georgina Clarke, Norm Clarke, Sidney Coleman, Juanita Coulson, Sandy Cutrell, Avram Davidson, Grania Davidson, Calvin W. Demmon, Mike Domina, Bill Donaho, Gordon S. Eklund, Ron Ellik, Richard H. Eney, Raymond Epstein, Horst Everman, Donald Franson, Keith Freeman, Wendy Freeman, Albert E. Gechter, Joe Gibson, Roberta Gibson, Tom Gilbert, Daniel S. Goodman, Peter Graham, and Jimmy Groves.

Al Halevy, Phillip A. Harrell, John Hautz, Martin Helgesen, Susan Hereford, Paul G. Herkart, Rosemary Hickey, Alma Hill, Lee Hoffman, Stu Hoffman, Frederick J. Hollander, John R. Isaac, Ben Jason, Terry Jeeves, Val Jeeves, Seth A. Johnson, Ima Anita Jones, Damon Knight, Eph Konigsberg, Betty Kujawa, Janie Lamb, Lois Lavender, Fred Lerner, Alan Lewis, Albert Lewis, Bob Lichtman, George Locke, Albert F. Lopez, Peter Mabey, Ian McAulay, J. A. McCallum, Larry McCombs, Michael J. McInerney, Michael L. McQuown, Robert A. Madle, Andy Main, Bill Mallardi, Richard Mann, Blake Edward Maxam, Banks H. Mebane, Ed Meskys, Norm Metcalf, Anna Sinclare Moffatt, Len Moffatt, Carol Murray, Earl E. Noē, Ella Parker, Fred Patten, Floyd J. Perley, Thomas J. Perry, Joe Pilati, Dannie Plachta, Charles Platt, Andrew Porter, and Fred Prophet.

Boyd Raeburn, Alva Rogers, Sidonie R. Rogers, Jock Root, Mike Rosenblum, Samuel D. Russell, Arthur W. Saha, Phillip K. Salin, J. Sanders, Dietura H. Schleicher, Richard Schultz, Gretchen Schwenn, Bob Shaw, Greg Shaw, Larry Shaw, Noreen Shaw, Sadie Shaw, Bob Silverberg, Donald P. Simpson, Peter Singleton, Beresford Smith, Rick Sneary, Ben Solon, Jack Speer, Ben J. Stark, Steve Stiles, Lou Tabakow, Wolfgang Thadewald, Arthur Thomson, Bjo Trimble, John Trimble, Bob Tucker, Eleanor Turner, Paul C. Turner, Dave VanArnam, Brian Varley, Francis Varley, Wally Weber, James White, Ted White, Kate Wilhelm, Paul Williams, Madeleine Willis, Walt Willis, Malcolm Willits, Ron Wilson, Elaine Wojciechowski, Donald A. Wollheim, Elsie B. Wollheim, Ed Wood, J. Stanley Woolston, Ed Wyman, and Roger J. Zelazny.

CONTRIBUTORS who did not vote or whose ballots arrived too late to be counted were: 1964 BSFA Convention, Silvercon, Ann F. Ashe, R. Brzustowicz Jr., Don Fitch, W. S. Houston, Fritz Leiber, William C. McCain, Barbara May, George Nims Raybin, Vic Ryan, Claude N. Saxon Jr., and Harry Warner Jr.

– * –


Terry Carr, 41 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn, New York 11201, U.S.A.

Arthur Thomson, 17 Brockham House, Brockham Drive, London S.W.2, ENGLAND


Ethel Lindsay, 6 Langley Avenue, Surbiton, Surrey, GT. BRITAIN

Wally Weber, Box 632, Huntsville, Alabama, 35804, U.S.A.

TAFF REPORTS from past winners are still available. Contact your favorite administrator for details.

TAFF VOTE TOTALS, March 1, 1965

American vote 168 71 95
European vote 39 18 19
total 207 89 114

Write-ins: (All American votes)
     Len Moffatt 2
     Dick Eney, Ben Stark, Bjo Trimble and Wally Weber 1 each